Why do industries choose gravity casting?

May 10, 2020

Today, with the rapid development of the global economy, the industrial field has developed with it and has gradually become a pillar industry. Many products in the industrial field are produced using a casting process. There are many types of casting processes, among which gravity casting is the fastest growing. The processing and production of products in many industries are completed by gravity casting. The following is a one-stop service manufacturer “Delin” who professionally designs and produces gravity casting related equipment to introduce why more and more industries choose gravity casting and why it can be recognized and loved by everyone.

The reasons why many industries choose gravity casting and get everyone’s approval

Gravity casting features
1. The gravity casting method is also called the metal mold casting method, and the forming principle is to supplement the solidification shrinkage by the action of gravity. This gravity casting mold can be reused up to ten thousand times, and can also be called permanent mold casting.
The use of gravity casting molds for the production and processing of metal parts can effectively improve production efficiency. Since gravity casting is a production method for melting raw materials of products, the use of molds for production processing can effectively reduce the working steps and links in the processing process and can complete the production and processing of more products in a unit time, production efficiency It has been effectively improved and has a relatively important role in promoting production and processing activities.
2. The mechanical properties are better, the solution heat treatment is mature, the production efficiency is high, the appearance size accuracy is more accurate than sand casting, and the mold is cheaper.
In the process of production casting, the use of gravity casting molds for the production and processing of metal parts can effectively reduce production costs. This is because molds generally have relatively good product performance and can complete a large number of production and processing activities. Moreover, the product can be used repeatedly. The gravity casting machine reduces unnecessary waste in the production process and effectively reduces production costs. It has a relatively important role in promoting the development of the industry. Metal parts using gravity casting molds for production and processing generally have the same product model and quality level, and the level of unification is very high. In the process of production and use, this product can often be used interchangeably, which greatly expands the use of components.
3. The product has a high degree of freedom and can be placed with a sand core. The mechanical properties are relatively good, the things are relatively mature, the solid solution is relatively good, the production efficiency is higher than the traditional, and the dimensional accuracy is high.
4. The casting size of the gravity casting method needs to be reserved. The casting size is relatively high because the casting will be deformed after heat treatment.
5. The gravity casting method is more suitable for a small variety of order production and processing methods.

The equipment of gravity casting advantages

The gravity casting machine is a product produced by modern computing information technology and automatic control technology. It can be loved by the majority of foundry manufacturers and recognized by the market. Its advantages must not only be as you know on the surface. So here Delin will introduce some advantages you haven’t learned and analyzed them so that you have more understanding of this product—gravity casting machine.

First, Fault self-diagnosis function

The fault self-diagnosis function of the gravity casting machine is only part of the equipment or customized. This function can be used to cooperate with the calculation information technology to diagnose itself according to the needs of customers. If there are any abnormalities, it will be fed back to the console maintenance personnel only need to perform corresponding maintenance work according to the fault location displayed by the diagnosis function. Click here to learn more about the gravity casting machine Failure Recovery.

Second, Different types

With the continuous development and innovation of gravity casting machines, this product has various types, such as inclined casting, low-pressure casting, molding machine casting and so on. Each model has its own different characteristics, so that different industries and customers in need have better choices. But here we need to remind customers who need it that is when you are making a choice, you must always remind yourself to choose according to your needs, not to be affected by the price or other factors. Because most gravity casting machines are required corresponding to environmental requirements, if you choose equipment that does not meet your needs, it will affect your daily operations.

Third, Simple operation

Because the gravity casting machine is produced by computing information and automatic control technology, this product is very simple in controlling this point. If you are the first customer to use this casting machine, you will find that this machine can be quick to get started, you only need to run according to the operations specified by the manufacturer. When you are proficient, you will find that one person can operate multiple different gravity casting machines, and can also be used to run with different parameters. Click here to learn more about the operation of the gravity casting machine.

Fourth, Aluminum alloy material

The biggest feature of the gravity casting machine is that it is made of aluminum alloy. The material used in the common low-pressure casting machine has a huge disadvantage that it is very prone to moisture absorption. This phenomenon requires stopping the operation of the equipment and heating and insulating It can prevent the diffusion of moisture, but the gravity casting machine is different because the machine is made of aluminum alloy, the characteristics of this material can avoid the occurrence of moisture, even if you use it for more than 5 years, no suction will occur. This phenomenon of tide greatly increases the service life of this product.

Fifth, Simple structure

The design of the gravity casting machine is very simple in structure, not as complicated as most of the equipment. When a failure occurs, the structure is too complicated to be repaired normally. This design structure not only makes the gravity casting machine malfunction The maintenance work becomes simpler and the production is more convenient. Click here to learn more about the mechanical structure and working principle of the gravity casting machine

Through the above understanding, do you find that there are so many advantages in the gravity casting machine, and these are the important reasons why more and more industries choose gravity casting and can be recognized by everyone!

Most of the aluminum products on the market are basically produced by gravity casting, which shows the status of gravity casting in the development of the industry. Delin firmly believes that in the near future, there will be more industries to develop close cooperation with the gravity casting industry to create a bright future for gravity casting. If you want to know anything about gravity casting, or need gravity casting equipment, gravity casting molds and gravity casting products, please contact us: Delin casting and processing machinery equipment manufacturers, thank you for your attention!


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