How to operate gravity casting machine safely?

May 9, 2020

When we use the gravity casting machine, what problems may occur, what matters need attention, how to operate the machine safely, if you don’t understand, then the details of the matters needing attention in the safe operation of the gravity casting machine will be introduced for you in detail, so that the gravity casting machine worker operation will be safer, and to a large extent, it can avoid the damage of equipment parts and the injury of workers.

Gravity casting machine generally refers to the machine that realizes the opening, closing and taking of metal gravity casting. The working principle of the machine is relatively simple, but it is accompanied by high temperature during the production process and will produce various harmful gases and dust, smoke and noise pollution so that casting operations often occur accidents such as scalds, fires, explosions and mechanical injuries; In addition, it is also easy to cause occupational diseases such as heat radiation, poisoning, vibration and silicosis. Therefore, the safety focus of casting operations is to prevent dust, heat and prevent mechanical injuries.

Below we introduce the gravity casting machine operation safety precautions according to the different processes of the casting operation.

1. Staff: It is necessary to wear protective tools when using the gravity casting machine, because the items placed inside the gravity casting machine may pose a certain threat to the personal safety of the operator when the equipment is running. For example, wearing a mask is best to wear anti-scald shoes and gloves. In this case, the workers can get effective protection after wearing protective articles and then operating the casting machine, to avoid physical damage to the greatest extent.

2. Before starting: Check each time before using the gravity casting machine, the purpose of this is to eliminate some problems before the gravity casting machine works, because there are many problems before they use, if you can check the equipment in time Problem, the efficiency of the equipment will not be affected, for example, before starting the machine, you should carefully check whether the mechanical device is stable, whether the parts are all there, whether there is any oil leakage, whether the pedal is sensitive, etc. To eliminate the problems before starting the gravity casting machine, you can avoid the problems caused by these failures.

3. When putting the sand core: be sure to wear gloves to put the sand core to avoid the possibility of being burned by the mold; the sand core should be placed flat, no protrusions occur, to avoid leaks when the mold is closed, resulting in the outflow of molten metal during casting.

4. During casting:
① The gravity casting machine is an indispensable machine in the gravity casting process. The temperature of the heated molten metal used in the production of the gravity casting machine is usually as high as several hundred degrees or even thousands of degrees. When pouring, it is necessary to pay attention to many places unbearable. For example, when using an iron spoon to fill the metal liquid, do not fill it too much, and it cannot exceed 80% of the volume, to prevent spilling and causing injury to the operator. When pouring the metal liquid, pour it slowly to prevent splash burns. It is necessary to grasp the amount poured, not to overflow, just to cast a beautiful casting.
In addition, if a fire occurs during pouring, the pouring should be stopped immediately to avoid burns and fire caused by molten metal splashing. In the actual gravity casting production process, each link must be strictly controlled. If any link fails, the quality of the casting will be damaged or even scrapped. Therefore, it is also necessary to understand the places that need to be paid attention to in the production of gravity casting machines.

② When the gravity casting machine is in operation, the staff must never leave the work position, which is the top priority. Because once the staff leaves, they have no idea what will happen. Possible situations: parameter input is wrong; equipment parts may be damaged; abnormal sound may suddenly appear, and the staff can find and deal with it in time, such as emergency power off of the machine. For example, in many cases, the staff found that there was a slight error in the parameter settings during the casting process, they can stop the operation or modify it before the equipment runs to this step, and if the staff leaves the position, the equipment continuing to execute this parameter operation, not only the castings produced do not meet the production expectations, but also cause huge damage to the equipment parts.

③ Never place other objects near the gravity casting machine, especially when it is in operation. Because you never know how these items will affect the gravity casting machine. For example, a box containing powder is placed next to the casting machine, and then you do n’t notice any problems. When a large amount of powder enters the equipment, after high temperature and chemical reaction, it may eventually damage the internal parts. If the corrosive gas is placed, the damage to all aspects of the machine will be more serious, so do not place some unrelated items beside the equipment.

5. After casting: The last thing to say is the processing after the gravity casting machine is finished. Every time after the operation of the gravity casting machine is completed, the equipment and the surrounding environment need to be cleaned in time, which is beneficial to the maintenance of the equipment and the health of the staff. If other materials remaining in the equipment are not cleaned for a long time, not only will the equipment parts be worn down, the work efficiency of the equipment will be reduced, but also the operator itself will be damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to clean these residues in time to avoid this situation. It should also be noted that don’t take off the protective tools when cleaning up. Put on to clean up to prevent these residues from causing damage to your skin. When the gravity casting machine is not in operation, you can also treat the internal residues clean to avoid falling inside the device.

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