Where to buy gravity casting machine?

May 8, 2020

When you have the need to buy gravity casting machine equipment, you will start to think: Which Chinese casting machine supplier is good, what is the price of gravity casting machine, and where can I buy casting machine equipment?

Delin Machinery, Your Best Choice!

Delin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that gathers many personnel, founded in 1998, which is located in Xinglian Industrial Zone, Nan’an, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China. The company mainly deals with gravity casting machine, superb craftsmanship, first-class service and strict management system, which adds a guarantee for the manufacture of the gravity casting machine. With a perfect management system, strong technical force, advanced production equipment, modern testing methods, perfect after-sales service, a strict management system, good corporate reputation, the products are all over the world and have many customers all over the world. “Building a high-quality brand in the industry to meet the professional needs of customers”, Delin Machinery’s products are deeply trusted by the demand group! Delin Machinery has rich production experience, focuses on scientific innovation, and has a professional production technology team. Delin Machinery has always been committed to providing high-quality gravity casting machines, high-quality materials, high efficiency and energy saving, high safety performance, high production efficiency and long service life, low maintenance costs, excellent equipment performance, reasonable quotation, and after-sales service guaranteed. Delin Machinery adheres to the business philosophy of integrity first, customer first, and common development with customers to create brilliant. Welcome to inquire, contact phone: +86 13960339790

Which gravity casting machine is better? If you want to buy a cost-effective gravity casting machine, come to the Delin company!

All along, the Delin Machinery Company has continuously surpassed the needs of customers in service and products in production. During the purchase process, please carefully check whether our parameters are consistent with the parameters you want to buy. We support customization, provide online consultation of customer service, and provide a one-year warranty after-sales service after the product is sold. Delin Machinery will provide you with the latest gravity casting machine prices and give the latest quotation in real-time. Consult our sales staff to provide you with the latest wholesale prices of gravity casting machines and other market trends. After the customer places an order formally, the gravity casting machine provided by Delin Machinery Co., Ltd. can support bank transfer and other methods to pay for the goods and will ship the customer 15 days after the order is placed, striving for efficiency and convenience in the transaction process. International standard seaworthy package, wooden cases and the plastic film will be a pack or as your requirement for die casting machine. In order to allow customers to receive the goods quickly, we adopt logistics methods such as water transportation, rail transportation, and ocean transportation for distribution.

Gravity casting machine information

Gravity casting machine is suitable for producing faucet, household appliances, plumbing fittings, hardware, sanitary ware, auto parts which gravity model casting with brass, zinc, aluminum, steel, iron ore and alloy, ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal. Click here for more details.

Production address: Xinglian Industrial Zone, Nan’an, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China
Weight: about 2000kg
Uses: gravity casting
Warranty period: 1 year
Service area: domestic, foreign
Product alias: zinc alloy casting machine, aluminum gravity die casting machines, brass die casting machine manufacturers
Applicable occasions: foundry and casting
Material: iron, copper, aluminum alloy

The casting equipment is supported by an arc-welded steel plate frame with a low center of gravity. The frame has a sufficient span to ensure the good stability of the device. The mass inertia of device motion will affect the stability of the device. In order to avoid the movement of the device due to unexpected vibrations, there are foot bolt holes on the device for fixing the device. The dimensional design of all components and connectors considers erosion and wear and aging phenomena, providing sufficient strength requirements for the normal operation of equipment. The three-phase power line led by the power grid is led to the switch through a special channel in the electric control cabinet, and the terminal of this power line is equipped with a special plastic protective cover. Any live wire and terminal have a clear warning sign. All components in the electric control cabinet adopt the IP20 protection standard. There are a series of dedicated ground terminals near all the group wires in the electric control cabinet. Each ground terminal is connected to the same ground wire. The color of all the wires in the electric control cabinet conforms to the provisions of the current law. All terminals are of the same standard and fixed in the same way. Learn more about the design of the gravity casting machine, mechanical structure and working principle, Click here>>>

Your satisfaction is our pursuit, and today’s integrity is tomorrow’s market!

The gravity casting machine produced by Quanzhou Delin Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. is sold in all regions of the country and overseas countries. Whether it is an independent product or an agent product, it has reached the superior product of the same kind of product in the country. It is deeply trusted and supported by the demand group. With years of experience in the production and distribution of gravity casting machines, the company is far ahead in the industry. Delin company solves the difficulty of purchasing gravity casting machines for the demand groups in the casting processing equipment industry. It is a company you can trust. Delin Machinery Co., Ltd. has occupied a place in the country. The company’s factories are close to Xiamen Airport, Jinjiang Airport and moving stations. The geographical position is superior and the transportation is convenient. We sincerely welcome customers to visit and guide the company. At that time, you can tell us about the visit time, and we will pick you up. Address: Xinglian Industrial Zone, Nan’an, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China.

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