Gravity Casting Machine

Gravity casting machines are widely used in the Bathroom industry, Hardware industry, Tool industry, Medical industry, Furniture industry, Automobile industry, Tableware industry and so on.


Product Description

  • Circuits are all controlled by PLC, data setting adopts touch screen, electrical components are imported from Japan and hydraulic components are as well imported from outside.
  • For gravity model casting with brass and ferrous alloy. Front casting, lateral casting, and secondary casting are optional.
  • The individual cooling time of the model is adjustable.
  • The dismantling assembly and cleaning of the model are convenient.
  • Two functions of manual and automatic circulation are available.
  • The adjustment range of the model is defined to make the use of different models easy and reduce the requirement of the model’s exterior physical dimension.
  • This casting machine can store 100 sets of model casting operation programs and you can set your password.

Gravity Casting Machine Application

Gravity Casting Machine is suitable for metal casting like brass, aluminum, and zinc alloy, which manufactures various kinds of faucet bodies, handle wheels, plumbing fittings, kitchenware, metal components, etc.

Machine Details Pictures

Main Specification Technical Parameter

Contents DL-Z450-B DL-Z550-B
The Dimension of Machine 2250*2160*1560mm 2350*2100*1860mm
Net Weight of Machine 1750kg 2000kg
Hydraulic Lube 163L 165L
Maximum of Mold Weight 130kg 150kg
Maximum Size Of Mold Φ450mm Φ550mm
Largest Merger Distance ≤250mm ≤280mm
Equipment Power 5.5 KW
Hydraulic Pressure 40-60KPa
The angle of Lateral Casting 0°-90°
Frontal Casting Angle 0°-110°
Installing Top Core Available 20mm

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