What is gravity casting machine?

April 29, 2020

The gravity casting machine is also called a tilt casting machine. Gravity casting machine generally refers to the machine that realizes the opening, closing and taking of metal gravity casting. Gravity casting refers to a process in which molten metal is poured into a metal cavity under the influence of the earth’s gravity to obtain a casting. Gravity casting in a broad sense includes sand casting, metal casting, investment casting, lost foam casting, mud casting, etc. narrow sense gravity casting refers specifically to metal casting.

Gravity Casting Machine Introduction

There are generally two types of gravity casting machines, tiltable gravity casting machines and fixed gravity casting machines. These two types of gravity casting machines have their own characteristics. The tiltable gravity casting machine can realize the tilting pouring of the mold. It can effectively improve the inherent quality of castings and is especially suitable for gravity casting of complex castings such as water taps and auto parts. The castings produced by the gravity casting machine have high precision, beautiful appearance, and high yield, and the machine configuration greatly reduces the labor cost. The fixed gravity casting machine has wide adaptability and can be used for small parts, large parts, simple parts, single parts and large batches. The metal castings made have not only good dimensional accuracy, smooth surface, but also high strength and good quality. It is wear-resistant, not easy to damage, and has a long service life.

Compared with the high-pressure casting machine, the casting made by the gravity casting machine has more advantages in heat treatment. The product can be heat-treated, and the gas will not expand during the heat treatment, so there are no defects such as bulging or cracking, and the gravity casting machine Compared with the die-casting machine, the service life of the mold used is much longer, and the cost of the mold is lower. The gravity casting process method has the characteristics of a simple process.

Gravity casting machine manufacturer-Delin Machinery recommends that everyone use a gravity casting machine to pay attention to safe operation to avoid safety accidents. Regular maintenance work and repair on the gravity casting machine can effectively extend the service life of the gravity casting machine.

Delin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of gravity casting machines. It is a machinery manufacturing enterprise integrating scientific research, design, manufacturing, installation, debugging and consulting services. The material of the gravity casting mold used by Delin Machinery’s gravity casting machine is generally nodular iron, 45 # steel and H13 steel. The material is determined according to the product attributes required by the customer. Compared with sand casting molds, gravity casting molds have many advantages, such as long service life, high production efficiency, and accurate accuracy of appearance dimensions, etc., and another article will be written later. Therefore, castings produced by gravity casting machines are favored by many casting manufacturers.

Gravity die-casting machine is one of the foundry machinery to produce casting products. It is very versatile and can be used to produce plumbing fittings, auto parts, tableware, etc. It can be said that we can see it everywhere in our lives, so how does it produce castings?

Gravity casting machine can not be used to directly produce casting products, but through gravity casting mold to complete the production. The mold is made according to the size of the customer’s product or drawing design. It is carved by a CNC milling machine and then placed on the worktable of the gravity casting machine. The internal structure of the gravity casting mold is exactly the same as the size of the castings. The heated molten metal is poured into a gravity casting mold, the molten metal includes brass molten water, aluminum molten water, etc. Under the effect of gravity, the molten metal gradually flows to all corners of the mold. After the molten metal is formed, the casting blank is taken out. Such castings are produced.

Other Common Questions

Q: How to installation the gravity casting machine?

A: the installation and debugging of the machine is also an important part of using the machine, such as every time when you start the electric motor, please manually raise worktable to cast angle and then switch the machine to automatic mode. Click here for details

Q: How does gravity casting machine work?

A: The gravity die-casting machine is a series of industrial casting machines that take the molten metal hydraulically into the mold under pressure to form a solid metal casting after cooling. Click here for details

Q: How to maintain and repair the gravity casting machine?

A: In the application of the gravity casting machine, the maintenance of the gravity casting machine is carried out on time, which can ensure the reliability of the gravity casting machine when it is applied. Increase the service life of the gravity casting machine, Keep your machines running like new! Click here for details

Q: How to recover the failure of gravity casting machine?

A: In the application of the gravity casting machine, it will cause some difficulties with equipment failure, and then damage the normal operation of the gravity casting machine. Therefore, failure tests must be carried out immediately to repair all normal operation of the gravity casting machine. Click here for details

Q: What are the mechanical structure and working principle of the gravity casting machine?

A: Delin gravity casting machinery, the models DL-550-B gravity filler is designed as manual and automatic mode, manual: controlled by a single switch, automatic: die clamping with pedal and hands (hands-clamping is designed specifically for worker’s safe operation). Click here for details

Delin Machinery is a well-known Chinese foundry machinery manufacturer, which can provide quotation and export of casting machines to various countries. You can click here: gravity casting machine to view more details of our casting machine products.

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