How to maintenance and repair the gravity casting machine?

May 5, 2020

“Keep your gravity casting machines running like new”

The gravity casting machine needs regular maintenance and repair to reduce the possibility of downtime and overuse, extend the life of the machine, increase efficiency, and maximize production.

The repair and maintenance of casting equipment include daily maintenance and regular maintenance. Daily maintenance can be divided into daily maintenance and weekly maintenance. Regular maintenance is usually 1-3 months or half a year, which is carried out by the operator.

Daily maintenance is the basic work of casting equipment maintenance work, and supervision and inspection should be strengthened in management to make this work regular, institutionalized and standardized.

  • Maintain the tidiness and well condition of the machine; every time before you start the gravity casting machine, please fill lubrication oil into lubricating parts (3#universal lithium base grease, lubrication oil)
  • Clean the transmission part when you hand over to the next shift to keep a good operation and extend the useful time.
  • Frequently inspect whether the connection, transmission part and all fastening pieces are loosened. Solve timely if there is a problem.
  • During the whole operation of the gravity casting machine, if there is a strong vibration, noise or other abnormal phenomena, the actual operation staff should immediately notify the technical and professional maintenance staff to go to check to establish the common fault parts and their causes, to be common After the fault is cleared, funds can be invested in all normal applications.

Weekend maintenance is mainly referred to as the more thorough cleaning, wiping and oiling of equipment before weekends and holidays.

  • Weekend maintenance: it’s mainly referred to as relatively thorough cleaning, wiping and oiling of equipment before weekends and holidays.
  • Maintain the cleaning of the gravity casting machine, remove the dust on the surface and the interior of the gravity casting machine, maintain a natural ventilation environment for the gravity casting machine, and prevent the long-term operation of the internal high temperature and damage to the parts.
  • To maintain the solution of aluminum water in the furnace of the gravity casting machine, it is necessary to do a good job of slag deoxidization in the furnace of the gravity casting machine once a week to eliminate the neatness of the iron oxide in the liquid level of the furnace, which can ensure the normal operation.

Regular maintenance (1-3 months or half a year) is based on the performance, status and operation of the equipment. With the cooperation of full-time maintenance personnel, there is regular work performed by the operators, and it is also a task assigned by the competent department of equipment in the form of a plan.
Regular maintenance can carry out minor repairs to equipment, and the maintenance period of different equipment is also different, generally, 1 to 3 months or the actual operation of the equipment is about 500h.
The contents of regular maintenance include disassembly and inspection of maintenance parts and key parts, cleaning and dredging of oil lines and lubrication systems, adjusting the clearance of transmission parts, fastening of various components and parts, and maintenance of electrical components.
In the actual work of casting production, the regular maintenance of the equipment must be adjusted reasonably in accordance with the production plan, not only to maintain the equipment but also not affect the production.

  • Change hydraulic oil regularly (add wear-resistant hydraulic oil (46#or 68#); For new machines, change of oil should be carried out every three months and afterward, every 6 months.
  • Regularly maintain whether the parts of the gravity casting machine appear abnormal phenomena such as embrittlement, serious damage, etc. If you find the situation mentioned in the whole process of maintenance, you should immediately take corresponding countermeasures to deal with it. Replace new parts with the same specifications and models. We can provide machine parts, please contact us if necessary.
  • If you will not use the machine for a long time, please completely clean the part of the machine where there is no lacquer and paint it with pickling oil and cover it with dust-proof fabric.

In the application of the gravity casting machine, the maintenance of the gravity casting machine is carried out on time, which can ensure the reliability of the gravity casting machine when it is applied. Increase the service life of the gravity casting machine, Keep your machines running like new!

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