How to installation the gravity casting machine?

May 3, 2020

After purchasing the gravity casting machine, we need to understand and learn how to install and debug the gravity casting machine. Only after the machine is successfully installed and debugged, can we proceed to the next step — production, otherwise it cannot be turned on or is prone to failure, reducing production efficiency and affecting product quality. Therefore, the installation and debugging of the machine is also an important part of using the machine, but this article is for reference only, the on-site installation needs to be based on the technician’s installation and debugging.

Gravity casting machine installation and debugging

  • Install the machine on concrete support according to the on-site condition. Fasten the machine on a balanced position after horizontal adjustment.
  • The electrical box should be installed in a place of draftiness. Ambient cleanness shall be maintained.
  • Check all electrical devices to see whether there is a loosened place and whether the machine is completely connected. Ensure everything goes in gear.
  • Hydraulic oil shall be filled into the hydro cylinder of the machine. (Wear resistant hydraulic oil 46 or 68#)
  • Connect the power supply properly in accordance with the instruction book. Confirm the rotation direction of the hydraulic motor and agitating electric motor.
  • Add graphite powder and water in proportion. (about 850L)
  • Start the hydraulic motor and inspect whether it operates normally. Its noise shall be tuned to the lowest.
  • Start agitation electric motor and check the water fluctuation effect to ensure that it doesn’t splash water.
  • You shall know clearly the location of the lubrication system and maintain the cleanness of all the lead rails.
  • Manually start the electric motor. Raise worktable to the predefined angle of die casting. Start an automatic program and operate ideal running several times with die matched by foot. Only when you confirm that everything works well can you start production.

Every time when you start the electric motor, please manually raise worktable to casting angle and then switch the machine to automatic mode.

Delin Machine has two types of gravity casting machine, DL-550-B, DL-450-B, they only difference in parameter, you can click here: gravity casting machine to view more details of our casting machine products.


Other Common Questions

Q: How does gravity casting machine work?

A: The gravity die-casting machine is a series of industrial casting machines that take the molten metal hydraulically into the mold under pressure to form a solid metal casting after cooling. Click here for details

Q: How to maintain and repair the gravity casting machine?

A: In the application of the gravity casting machine, the maintenance of the gravity casting machine is carried out on time, which can ensure the reliability of the gravity casting machine when it is applied. Increase the service life of the gravity casting machine, Keep your machines running like new! Click here for details

Q: How to recover the failure of gravity casting machine?

A: In the application of the gravity casting machine, it will cause some difficulties with equipment failure, and then damage the normal operation of the gravity casting machine. Therefore, failure tests must be carried out immediately to repair all normal operation of the gravity casting machine. Click here for details

Q: What are the mechanical structure and working principle of the gravity casting machine?

A: Delin gravity casting machinery, the models DL-550-B gravity filler is designed as manual and automatic mode, manual: controlled by a single switch, automatic: die clamping with pedal and hands (hands-clamping is designed specifically for worker’s safe operation). Click here for details


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