What factors affect the working effect of the core shooting machine?

June 24, 2020

The core shooter is the main foundry machinery for manufacturing sand cores and other castings products. So what factors affect the working effect of the core shooting machine, the causes, and how to solve it, this article will reveal to you.

The working effect of the core shooting machine is mainly affected by the following 3 factors

1. The influence of process parameters and tooling parameters: The process parameters have a significant impact on the core shooting process, and the process parameters are closely related to the core making method. Different core-making methods use different production processes and use different process parameters, such as sand-blasting time and sand-blasting pressure. The tooling parameters mainly refer to the core box structure, including the location of the exhaust plug, the location and size of the shot hole. They all have different degrees of impact on the core shooting process, thereby affecting the density distribution of the sand core and the quality of the sand core.

2. Raw materials: mainly refers to the quality of the core shot sand. In the core shooting process, resin sand is mostly used, and the performance difference from clay sand is relatively large. The main influencing factor is the “sand electability” of the resin sand, which is determined by the fluidity, wet strength of the core sand and the characteristics of the resin.

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3. Equipment factor: mainly refers to the influence of the core shooter.
The impact of the core shooting machine on the core shooting process mainly includes the influence of the pressure tank on the core shooting process, the impact of the shot blasting head structure (the shape of the shot blast cylinder) on the shot shooting process, and the impact of the shot blasting valve on the core shooting process.

In addition, the common faults in the working process of the machine will also affect the working effect of the core shooting machine.

Analysis of common failures of core shooter

1. There is no sand in the barrel of the core shooting machine, and the cause of the failure: the sand inlet of the sand storage hopper is blocked by debris such as explosion bags.
Solution: Open the sand gate to observe and clear the blockage.

2. Sand flowing into the sand inlet of the core shooting machine. Cause: The sand gate is stuck and the spring cannot be reset.
Solution: clean the dirt in the guide rail of the sand gate, so that the sand gate can move.

3. The sand shooting of the core shooting machine is abnormal. Causes of failure: Proximity switch position for opening and closing the mold, advance and retreat of the shooting barrel, and compression of the shooting head, etc., or improper adjustment of the shot time.
Solution: Check and adjust the position of the proximity switch separately: adjust the shot time.

4. Sandblasting on the joint surface of the indenter and shooting barrel. Cause of failure: Damaged rubber seal of the indenter.
Solution: Change the rubber ring.

5. When the shooting barrel is lifted up, sand is sprayed from the shooting port. Cause of failure: exhaust time is too short; exhaust valve is damaged
Solution: Check the exhaust valve; clean the dust accumulation in the exhaust cylinder.

The factors that affect the working effect of the core shooting machine are mainly the content shared above, Delin Machinery believes that the products produced by the core shooting machine have a great advantage in terms of quality and speed, so many casting manufacturers choose it to replace artificial core making. Delin Machinery is a well-known Chinese foundry machinery manufacturer, which can provide quotation and export of core shooting machines to various countries.

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