What is core shooting machine work principle?

May 28, 2020

In the foundry industry, the most widely used core making equipment is the core shooting machine. The sand core produced by the machine has accurate dimensions and a smooth surface. The working principle of the core shooting machine is to shoot the core sand mixture with liquid or solid thermosetting resin as the binder into the heated core box.

Here take the double head core shooting machine as an example to talk about the machine structure and working principle of the double-head core shooting machine.

Double head core shooting machine main structure and working principle

The machine mainly consists of the following parts

  • Sand storage hopper
  • The left and right sand shooting mechanism
  • Base frame
  • Electrical control system
  • Air control system
  • Die clamping mechanism
  • Die holder mechanism
  • Air storage chamber
  1. Sand storage hopper

The sand storage hopper is positioned at the upside of the column which is used for sand core storage and conveying. It is a tetragonal pyramid groove. The sand core will fall into the sand-shooting box via the outlet of sand hopper.

2. The left and right sand shooting mechanism

The left-and-right sand shooting mechanism consists of shooting head, sand-shooting drum, driving and reversing housing, and cylinder as well as a sand shooting valve which is automatically electrical controlled. When shooting, the sand shooting valve will open while the compressed air will enter the sand-shooting drum. The core sand in the drum will be shot into the core box with the shooting head. After shooting the sand, the inlet of the shooting valve will close while its outlet will open and the residual gases inside the shooting cavity will be discharged by the outlet valve and muffler.

3. Base frame

The base frame consists of an upright column, base, clamping cylinder and core-pushing mechanism. The upright column is at the upward side of the base-frame and its upper part is connected with the sand hopper. The clamping cylinder and automatical core-pushing mechanism are situated in the front of the base.

Double head core shooting machine working procedure:

Core box clamps—-sand shooting head clamps—-sand shooting—-shooting head turns back—-heating—- core pulling returns—- core box opens —-take out the sand core

4. Before starting or after machine operation and after opening the compressed air pipe strobe, all parts of the machine should be under the following status:

A, The compressed air used for sand shooting enters into the air storage chamber via a pressure regulating valve. The shooting pressure can be adjusted by the pressure regulating valve.

B, The compressed air controlling working procedure enters the electrical control system through the strainer and pipe of the oil atomizer, as well as enters the clamping cylinder, shooting head clamping cylinder and sand shooting cylinder through the pipe.

C1、After the power supply and air supply are connected, press the start-key when the indicator light on the control plate is on. The machine will automatically enter working status and personnel can leave. Compressed air makes the plunger of clamping cylinder forward and also clamps the core box on the worktable.

C2、The machine’s working model includes manual, single-action and automatic. Choose any one working procedure and press the start-key to compress the air so that the cylinder’s plunger can move forward and clamp the shooting head on the core box.

C3、After the left and right sand jacks are started up, the time duration of left and right sand shooting can be discretional set. Then set up the solidifying time. After the solidifying time is an end, open the die and take the sand core out to carry out the next procedure—sand shooting.

C4、When the die clamping cylinder returns, the compressed air make the sand-shooting valve close through the pipe and the residual air will be discharged by the sand-shooting valve.

5. Electrical control system

A, The temperature of the heating plate can be controlled automatically. Using the thermoelectric couple, temperature indicating controller and contactor inserted in the heating plate, the temperature of the heating core box will be kept within a certain range.

B, Automatic signal device for solidifying time: when the shooting head clamping cylinder returns to the original position (rise), the time relay and contactor with clamping stroke switches start counting simultaneously. When reaching the set solidifying time, the indicator light will glitter and die-opening will start automatically

C, The machine must be earth connected: the machine must be reliably earth connected, the section area of the earth conductor cable should no less than 6m² while the earth resistance no more than 4m². If there is an earthing mat, the machine must connect with the earth mat.

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