How to operating core shooting machine?

May 27, 2020

The core shooting machine is widely used in the foundry industry. However, if the core shooting machine’s operating rules are not standardized, the core size manufactured by the core shooter will not always standard and the surface is not always smooth. It will bury potential safety hazards in the production of machinery, so it is important to know the core shooting machine operating rules. This article takes DL-361 automatic core shooter machine with a nylon conveyor belt as an example to show you the machine’s operating guide.

Automatic core shooting machine operating guide

First, Before the core shooting machine runs

1. Remove the obstacles that hinder the normal operation of the core shooter equipment

2. Lubricate the equipment according to the provisions of the lubrication card

3. Check whether the fasteners of the key parts of the core shooting machine are tight, if there are loose, they must be fastened

4. Check that all valve handles are in the rest position

5. Open the compressed air master valve and carry out the no-load test run of the core shooting machine equipment. In this process, pay attention to check whether the action of the mechanism is normal, and check whether the pipeline of each valve is leaking.

It should be noted that the core shooting machine workshop should be arranged in the building group of the high-temperature workshop and the power workshop, built on the downwind side of other production buildings that do not release harmful substances in the plant. The plant mainly faces north and south. The layout of the factory building should be comprehensively considered under the premise of meeting the output and process flow with the requirements of building, structure and dustproof. There should be a certain green belt around the casting workshop.

Second, During the operation of the core shooting machine

1. After the core shooting machine is started, the staff shall not leave the work position without authorization. They shall concentrate on the operation according to the technical procedures, but shall not operate two valves at the same time.

2. Always pay attention to the operation of the core shooting machine and find that there is poor lubrication, or the fasteners are loose, or the parts are damaged, or the pipeline is leaking, and other abnormal phenomena, they should be stopped immediately and notified to the maintenance staff if necessary.

3. During the production process, if you find that the core shooting machine is weak in shock, compaction, overturning and clamping, you should immediately contact the maintenance personnel.

4. Always keep the shock piston working in a lubricated state, regularly clean the sand on the piston, and then spray with lubricating oil.

5. When hanging the sandbox, the sandbox is not allowed to collide with the model or the valve handle, so as not to damage the model or cause malfunction.

6. In the production process, it is often clear that the sand accumulation on and around the core shooter prevents the sand from entering the cylinder.

7. If there is an accident in the core shooting machine, the equipment should be stopped immediately, keep the scene, and report to the relevant department for inspection, analysis and treatment.

Third, After the work is over

1. Clean the site, clean up the core shooter and the surrounding sand, and wipe the equipment.
2. Put all the valve handles of the core shooting machine to the rest position, and close the compressed air main valve.
3. Do not park sandboxes or other objects on or around the core shooter equipment.

Fourth, Requirements for operators

1. The core shooter operator must be familiar with the operating procedures and only be trained to operate. The operator must be familiar with the basic structure and performance of the core shooting machine, and each equipment should be designated for dedicated operation and daily maintenance. Equipment wearing parts and accessories must be replaced according to the manufacturer’s recommended model specifications.

2. Use the core shooter strictly in accordance with the technical procedures, prohibit any illegal operation, and strictly forbid damage and removal of protective facilities and signal devices on the equipment. The parameters are not allowed to be changed and changed at random (temperature, curing time of crust) under the guidance of electrical technicians when it is really needed.

3. Wear labor protection supplies before work, check whether the core shooter is intact, whether there are foreign objects on the core box mold, and lubricate the guide rod.

4. Before starting, check whether the heating power cord and gas circuit are intact. After connecting the electrical source, observe whether the pneumatic components are abnormal, and check each proximity switch and whether the emergency stop switch is in place.

5. If the core box mold is heated in the open state, it must be operated in manual mode once and then switched to the automatic operation mode. Always check the condition of wearing parts such as resistance, light bulb and electric heating tube during operation. Workers are not allowed to leave their posts during automatic operation, they need to turn off the power supply and heating switch.

6. The finished sand molds must be handled gently and placed neatly. Pay attention to replenish the coated sand in time to ensure the continuous and normal operation of the equipment.

7. Every time you change the mold, you must try to produce samples. After the sample is qualified, the process parameters are adjusted before mass production.

8. After the end of each shift, turn over and reset, the core box mold should be stopped in the mold open state, disconnect the electricity and gas source, clean the equipment and the surrounding ground, and do not allow sand cores to be left in the core box.

The above is all the contents about the operation guide of the core shooting machine shared for everyone today. Delin Machinery hopes it will be a little helpful to everyone. At the same time, we also remind you to pay attention to operation rules during the use process and follow the correct method for operating to avoid appearance the problem affects your use. If you want to know more, you can contact us by phone or follow our website:

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