How to maintenance core shooting machine?

May 26, 2020

When the sand core shooting machine starts to run, the daily maintenance and maintenance of the machine is crucial, and problems such as fault repair will also follow.

So how do we do the maintenance of the core shooting machine and how to repair the machine failure. This article takes DL-300-Z hot core box core shooting machine as an example to make a specific analysis.

Hot core box core shooting machine maintenance and failure recovery

Carry out the following maintenance regularly

1、Always keep certain oil contained in the oil atomizer.

2、After every procedure, demount the sand shooting head to remove the lag sand and use dust blowing gun to blow the adhering sand out of the core vent.

3、After every procedure, demount the shooting head for cleaning. Thoroughly clean the dried sand in the gap and finally use paraffin to brush the inner wall. (Notice: prevent the gap from clogging by paraffin.)

4、After every procedure, thoroughly clean the worktable and clean off the log sand on the upright column;

5、After every procedure, clean the residual sand within the sand hopper and clean the sand hopper’s inner wall so that succeeding production won’t be influenced.

6、After every procedure, discharge the condensed water within the machine and the master pipe.

7、Check frequently all the electrical lines and contact points. Otherwise, if the cable insulation damaged or wiring terminal loosens, failures or accidents will be incurred.

8、The machine should be minor overhauled monthly; each sealing face should be checked.

9、Frequently clean the residual sand in the muffler to make it unclogged.

10、The machine should be intermediately overhauled annually.

11、The machine should be overhauled every two years.

12、Under the condition that users abide by the rules of transportation, safekeeping, installation, adjustment, maintenance and operation, if damages are incurred or the machine cannot operate normally because of ill manufacturing, our company will be responsible for free of charge maintenance and replacement within one year after purchasing. (Except wearing parts and man-made damages)

Failure recovery

Number Failures Recovering methods
1 Leakage  within the shooting  cavity Check if the shooting head foundry weight is damaged or deformed
2 Fail to shoot sand Check if it is leaking; check if the sand-shooting valve is damaged
3 The exhaust muffler is easy to be clogged Check if the gap of the sand shooting drum is worn and becomes larger
4 The outlet of operating  valve  is leaking Clean the operating valve and polish the valve clack


Fail to heat up Check if the connector is turned on. If it is on, check whether the three-phase power supply is 380V and whether three main contacts of the connector are burned out. If the connector is not turned on, check whether the voltage of its loop A1, A2 is 380V and whether the temperature controller is working
6 No power supply Check if the power switch is connected
7 No vibration Check if the proximity switch is connected. Whether the relay R2 is operating and whether the vibrator is burnt out
8 Die-opening light is not on Check if the solidify meter is working
9 The temperature controller is not on. Check if the voltage of No.1 and No.0 lines are 220V
10 Indication of the pressure gauge doesn’t rise Check whether air-inlet is unclogged and whether the pressure regulating valve is effective
11 The static die doesn’t move Check if the spring is pressed or if it is aging under high temperatures. If it has no elasticity, change it
12 The cylinder doesn’t run smoothly Check, adjust the buffers of the throttle valve or inlet and outlet cylinders

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