How to installation core shooting machine?

May 25, 2020

After the purchased core shooting machine is transported to the destination, the technician has not reached the customer’s factory. We can first understand some knowledge about the installation of the machine, such as how to install the core shooting machine, how to adjust it, what is the operation steps of the machine and what problems need to be paid attention to during the operation. This article takes DL-300-Z hot core box core shooting machine as an example to answer the above questions for you.

Core Shooting Machine Installation Guide

Lifting and installation of the machine

1, Before the machine connecting with the compressed air pipe in the workshop, sundries like particulars in the air pipe must be removed.

2, Between the machine’s main air inlet pipe and the main air pipe in the workshop, brake valve, steam trap, air strainer must be installed in order to remove the moisture content in the compressed air. (Brake valve and steam trap should be prepared by users themselves.)

Hot core box core shooting machine adjustment

1, After installing the core box on the worktable, loosen the T bolt connecting the clamping cylinder and worktable. Rotate the handwheel core box to aim at the sand-shooting port and firmly joint the core box with the heating plate.

2, When the clamping cylinder is open, move the cylinder’s seatback to make the center to center of the left and right dies be 198mm. Thus, the buffer of the die clamping cylinder will be effective and percussive force will be reduced.

3, Screw the T bolt connecting the clamping cylinder and worktable.

Foundry core shooting machine operation and application

(a)Preparation before machine debugging

1, Check if the air pipe and power supply are connected.

2, Clean off the remaining dust, dirt and tools on the machine after installation.

3, Fill lubricating oil into the oil atomizer to its 2/3 oil level

4, The hank knot of the operating valve must be at zero position

5, Put the core box and cushion block on the worktable

Notice: under any condition, before opening the compressed air valve, a cushion block must be put between the machine’s worktable and the sand shooting head to avoid damage.

6, Check whether the bolts, nuts that connect various parts are loose, if any, screw it up.

(b)Idle running check

1, Connect the master switch to check whether the power signal light is on.

2, Open the master gas inlet valve to check whether the pressure gauge is pointing at 3-4 air pressure.

3, Turn the hand knot of the operating valve from zero to one position, the clamping cylinder pushes out.

4, Turn the hand knot of the operating valve was turned from one to zero position, the clamping cylinder returns.

5, Turn the hand knot of the operating valve from I to II position, the core-pulling cylinder pushes.

6, When turning the hand knot of the operating valve from II to III position, the shooting head clamps.

7, When the hand knot of turning the operating valve from Ⅲ to Ⅳ, shooting stars.

8, When undergoing an ideal shooting test, a cushion block must be put on the worktable. Clamp the shooting head.

9, Return the hand knot of the operating valve to zero position one by one and observe if the machine is resumed to the original and if air discharge is in gear.

(c)Load commissioning of the machine

1, Fill the core sand up in the sand hopper

2, Install core box on the worktable and adjust the clamping distance

3, Move the shooting head to fill in sand manually.

4, Check the 5th and 6th items based on ideal running and then carry out the load tests to observe the effects of relevant actions.

5, Check the 7th items based on ideal running and then carry out load test for sand shooting. The shooting process requires only 1-2 seconds and the hand knot will immediately return to positionⅡ. And then air discharge starts which will last about 2-3 seconds. Check whether the shooting action is rapid, whether air discharge is unclogged and whether there is sand spraying phenomenon during shooting.

6, After commissioning, check the fastening pieces of the machine, especially the bolt connecting sand hopper and bolts on the electrodynamics vibrator. If there is any loose bolt, screw it up in time.

(d)Matters need attention during the operating process

1, Before using the core shooting machine, clean up the dust on the machine and remove all the sundries on the machine to avoid failures under operation.

2, Before operating, check carefully the bolts and nuts of various parts of the machine. If there is any loose one, screw it up immediately.

3, Before using the machine, open the air outlet valve to discharge stagnant water in the air storage chamber and pipe.

4, Before operating, check carefully whether various parts of the machine are at the normal position; check the worktable and clamping cylinder actions based on ideal running to see if they are under normal operation.

5, If the machine malfunctions, stop running it immediately. Turn the hand knot of the operating valve to the zero position and cut off the power supply and air supply, discharge the compressed air in the air storage chamber for overhaul.

6, Check frequently whether the electrical line joint is loose and whether electrical components are damaged.

7, Do not open the electrical cabinet without permission and don’t put sundries in the cabinet.

8, The machine must be operated by workers who are familiar with the mechanical structure, operation rules and safety technique. Other personnel cannot switch on the machine without permission.

9, The operator must wear protective goggles; those who didn’t wear protective goggles cannot touch the machine.

10, Adjust the machine before changing the technological types of equipment every time.

1)Adjust according to the methods specified in the “machine adjustment”.

2)Clamp the shooting head and clamp the core box under the under-plate of the shooting head and check if it is sealed between the core box and the under-plate of the shooting head.

3)When the core box is clamped, check if the vertical parting surface of the core box is sealed and reliable;

11, If there is no core box and cushion plate put on the machine’s worktable, don’t turn on the machine.

12, Under operating, use your right hand to operate the operating valve and put your left hand back. At any time, don’t put your hands in the machine to avoid accidents.

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