What is the sand core raw material of core shooting machine?

June 22, 2020

There are two types of sand core raw material for core shooters, namely coated sand and resin sand. A core shooting machine is a common machine in the casting industry. If you want the core sand machine to produce a high-yield sand core, you need not only a good core shooting machine, but also good sand core raw materials to make the sand core.

The core shooting machine of Delin Machinery is mainly a coated sand core shooting machine, so the application of coated sand of sand core raw material is mainly introduced here.

Therefore, the core shooting machine can be divided into coated sand core shooting machines and resin sand core shooting machines according to the different raw materials of molding sand. Many people think that resin sand is coated sand, but in fact, they are different.
Film-coated sand is mainly used in the hot core box. The core shooting machine uses compressed air to blow the sand into the hot core box to make the core. Resin sand is sand mixed with resin and mixed evenly. The core is made by hand, also called cold resin sand.

Coated sand, sand core raw material, the surface of the sand particles is covered with a layer of solid resin film molding sand or core sand before molding.
There are two coating methods: cold method and hot method: cold method uses ethanol to dissolve the resin and add urotropine during the sand mixing process so that the two are coated on the surface of the sand grains, and the ethanol volatilizes to obtain the coated sand;
Thermally preheat the sand to a certain temperature, add resin to melt it, stir to coat the resin on the surface of the sand, add the aqueous solution of urotropine and lubricant, cool, crush and sieve to get the coated sand. Usually used for steel castings and cast irons.

The coated sand mainly uses natural quartz sand as raw sand, then the purity and cleanliness of the quartz sand will definitely affect the quality of the coated sand. Therefore, quartz sand with high purity and cleanliness should be selected as the raw material coated sand, so that the quality of the sand core produced can be better.
We know that the coated sand is the raw material sand of the core shooting machine using the hot box process, so the fire degree and thermal stability of the coated sand play an important role in actual production.
Therefore, the selected coated sand must have a relatively high degree of fire attachment and thermal stability, so that the core shooting machine can produce a good sand core.

Resin sand, another sand core raw material, refers to molding sand that uses synthetic resin as a binder for sand particles, and although the coated sand is also molding sand covered with a layer of the solid resin film, however, they have different types of resins and different curing agents for catalytic bonding. And resin sand is self-hardening sand, cold hardening, hardening with curing agent; The coated sand is thermally hardened and hardened by heating. Although the two raw materials of the core shooting machine are different and the bonding method is different, they can give the dimensional accuracy of the casting and the necessary strength of the mold or core.

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