How to solve the problem of sand casting molding machine indenter swinging slowly?

August 6, 2020

Solutions to the slow and slow swing movement of the indenter of the automatic sand casting molding machine:

Automatic Sand Molding Machine

1. When detecting the failure of the sand casting molding machine, check the gap between the front and rear plates of the indenter of the automatic molding machine to see if there is any foreign matter such as iron ballast, which can be removed and then tested.

2. Open the two air intake pipes on the upper and back of the indenter, and adjust the control valve to the original position and swing in respectively to see if the air intake of the nozzle is large enough. If the air intake is small, the indenter will swing slowly and the sand casting molding machine will malfunction. During the test, if this is the reason, you can always check the control valve until the air is filtered and whether it is blocked.

3. There is a cover plate on the pressure head of the sand casting molding machine. Open it to observe whether the rack is severely rusted. If this automatic molding machine malfunctions, the pressure head will also be sluggish. It can be cleaned with kerosene or gasoline.

4. During the fault detection of the automatic sand casting molding machine, if none of the above occurs, the flanges on both sides of the indenter should be opened to check whether the Y-shaped sealing ring on both sides of the rack is aging or deformed. If so, the indenter may also be slow.

5. Open the upper flange located behind the pressure head of the automatic sand casting molding machine to check whether the butter of the gear bearing has deteriorated. If so, you can wash it with kerosene or gasoline while moving the pressure head, it will feel looser.

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