Why automatic casting molding machine are more advantageous than manual?

August 5, 2020

Compared with the manual sand molding machine, the biggest advantage of an automatic casting molding machine is automatic core making.

Sand casting is divided into manual molding (core making) and machine molding (core making).

Manual modeling means that the main work of modeling and core making is done by hand;

Machine modeling refers to the main modeling work, including sand filling, compaction, mold ejection, box closing, etc., completed by the automatic casting molding machine.

Manual modeling is a modeling process that is all done by hand or hand tools. Manual molding operation is flexible, wide adaptability, simple process equipment, low cost, but its casting quality is poor, production efficiency is low, labor intensity is high, and technical level requirements are high, so manual molding is mainly used for single-piece small batch production, especially heavy-duty And complex castings

Advantages of automatic casting molding machine over manual molding:

1. No need for professional and technical workers. With the molding machine, the requirements of the skilled workers required by the foundry are greatly reduced, and even non-professional workers can operate the machine, and they can work in just one or two days of training.

2. Because the molding machine is manufactured by machinery, the machine’s compaction and compaction replace manual work, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and saves a lot of manpower. However, manpower saving can save a lot of money in the factory in a day.

3. The mechanical molding of the molding machine is usually three times faster than the original manual molding, and the efficiency of one day is equivalent to the efficiency of the original three days.

4. The workpiece adopts mechanical shock and compaction, which has higher compactness than ordinary manual molding sand, and the size of the casting can ensure an error rate of 3 thousandths, the quality is uniform, and the appearance is smooth and beautiful.

Delin Machinery’s fully automatic casting molding machine has the advantages of saving energy, saving materials, saving costs, improving project quality, improving construction efficiency, and saving labor.

operation of the sand molding machineThe environmental protection promotion of energy-saving and emission reduction has solved many problems that have plagued the foundry industry for many years by conventional molds and have achieved resource-saving and labor-saving.

The effect of saving costs, improving the rate of project quality and improving labor productivity in the foundry industry is a major technological innovation in the foundry field, which will produce huge economic, social and industrial benefits.

Delin Machinery specializes in the production of the automatic casting molding machine. It is a machinery manufacturing enterprise integrating scientific research, design, manufacturing, installation, debugging and consulting services.

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