Automatic Box Discharging And Sliding Sand Molding Machine

This DL-ZX6065H sand molding machine is a fully automatic horizontal molding equipment that integrates the processes of molding, closing and unboxing. It is suitable for the production of small and medium castings such as machine parts, plumbing fittings, valves and bearings.


Product Description

  1. This is a fully automatic box discharging and sliding sand molding machine. The sandbox lifting mechanism uses a four-column structure to ensure the stability of the sandbox movement.
  2. Unique compaction technology (sand side-shooting + patten inside vent,templete anti-direction compaction).
  3. The template and the sand-box cross-movement, drop sand-core in two positions, no need to stop production, save time and increase efficiency.
  4. Pouring weight with tight/loose integrity device to prevent sand-mold brake.
  5. Automatic plc control for production smoothly

Sand Molding Machine Advantage

* Improved sand peel off from the casting

* Improved Surface Finish

* Reduced consumption of shots

* Reduced Fettling

* Reduced sand related casting defects

* Reduced Man-hours on pre-dispatch casting preparation faster turn-around


Machine Application

* Automobile parts: water pump housing, brake disc, exhaust pipe, etc.

* Parts of pipes sort, valves sort, shaft sort, cover plate sort

* Other sorts: grinding balls etc.

*  Small and medium castings: machine parts, plumbing fittings, valves and bearings.


Machine Showing


Workshop Production


Main Specification Technical Parameter

Contents DL-ZX6065
Size of sandbox 600*650 mm
The thickness of sandbox up 120-200 mm  down 120-200 mm
Molding speed(s/mold) 46 s/per mold (without the time for sand core loading)
Compacting pressure ≤15 MPa
Air consumption 0.6 m³(normal)
The humidity of sand mold 2.8%-3.5%
Drive method Electric-pneumatic-hydraulic
Thickness of template 20-25 mm
Power supply AC380V,50HZ, or according to your requirement
Power of the machine 17 KW
Net weight 16T
Machine size (L*W*H ) 4490*2360*3600 mm

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