What kind of sand do you use for casting?

August 7, 2020

The casting molding machine of the sand casting is suitable for most metal materials and mass production. Among the sand materials used in the foundry molding machine, the most economical is the clay green sand molding.

Sand foundry full-automatic molding machine is used to make sand casting equipment. Its main function is: filling sand, filling loose sand into the sandbox, compacting the sand.

The sand foundry factory is equipped with the latest technology control device, it should be done gradually, and the best performance can be repeatedly obtained with the green sand control technology. These control devices include sieving and separating metals, cooling of recycled sand, the accurate release of additives during mixing of recycled sand, etc.

The clay green sand molds used in sand foundries use clay and an appropriate amount of water as the main binder for molding sand. After the sand mold is made, it is directly combined and poured in a wet state. Wet casting has a long history and is widely used. The strength of green sand depends on the clay slurry formed by mixing clay and water in a certain proportion. Once the molding sand is mixed, it has a certain strength. After being pounded into a sand mold, it can meet the requirements of molding and pour. Therefore, the amount of clay and moisture in the molding sand is a very important process factor.

The advantages of clay green sand casting are:

① Clay is rich in resources and cheap.
②Most of the used clay wet sand can be recycled and reused after proper sand treatment.
③The cycle of manufacturing the mold is short and the work efficiency is high.
④The mixed molding sand can be used for a long time.
⑤After the sand mold is pounded, it can still tolerate a small amount of deformation without being damaged, which is very beneficial for drafting and core setting.

weakness is:
① To coat the viscous clay slurry on the surface of the sand grains during sand mixing, high-power sand mixing equipment with rubbing action is required, otherwise it is impossible to obtain good quality sand.
②Since the molding sand has very high strength after being mixed, the molding sand is not easy to flow during modeling, and it is difficult to pound. It is laborious and requires certain skills when modeling by hand, and the equipment is complicated and huge when modeling by machine.
③The rigidity of the mold is not high, and the dimensional accuracy of the casting is poor.
④ Castings are prone to defects such as sand washing, sand inclusion and pores.

In summary, the current clay wet sand molding machine has excellent performance and can manufacture wet sand molds with strict requirements and small differences at a speed never reached two years ago. Coupled with the accurate control of the high-efficiency sand supply device, the clay green sand mold maintains the most important position in the modeling of ferroalloy and non-ferrous alloy.

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