What are the production steps of casting molding machine?

August 10, 2020

Casting molding machine production is a complex multi-process combination of five production steps.

The casting molding machine production includes the following main processes:

1) Production process preparation, according to the parts drawings to be produced, production batches and delivery deadlines, formulate production process plans and process documents, and draw casting process drawings;

2) Production preparation, including preparation of materials for melting, materials and patterns for molding cores, core boxes, sandboxes and other technological equipment;

3) Modeling and core making;

4) Melting and pouring;

5) Main processes such as sand fall cleaning and casting inspection.

Each of the above steps must be done well in order to have a smooth production.

Here, focus on the third step, machine molding and core making.

The mechanization of molding and core making is the core of the mechanization of casting production. It directly reflects the production level of the foundry.
Sand Molding Machine Production LineThe process of molding and core making and its mechanization depends on the nature of the molding sand or core sand, the method of molding and core making, and the equipment used.
For the widely used clay sand, “box modeling” is often used. The molding process includes filling, compaction, mold removal, core set, box closing, and transportation of sand molds and sandboxes.
Different types of molding equipment have different operating methods, but the most basic processes are filling, compaction and mold ejection, of which compaction is the most important.

In recent years, the casting production of the casting molding machine has made great progress.
The manual shock molding machine, which was commonly used in the past, was later replaced by the micro-seismic compaction molding machine, and the multi-contact high-pressure micro-seismic molding machine, boxless and off-box injection press were also developed.
Especially the fully automatic casting molding machine developed in recent years has brought mechanization into a new stage of high quality, high efficiency and low consumption.

The core-making equipment has always been changed with the development of core sand binder and core-making technology.
Except for large pieces produced in small batches, clay sand cores are rarely used. Iron castings mostly use resin sand cores, and steel castings usually use sodium silicate sand cores and phosphate sand cores.
Core shooting machines and shell core machines are mainly used for machine command core making.
Due to the development of resin binders, hot core box core shooting machines are also developing to cold-core box core shooting machines.

A complete casting process, in mechanized flow production, in addition to modeling and core making, there are processes such as core setting, box closing (closing), iron pressing, pouring, cooling and sand falling.
Each process is based on the corresponding auxiliary rib machinery relative to the casting molding machine, also referred to as the molding auxiliary machine.

When designing and organizing assembly lines, a certain technological process must be followed, reasonably select the casting molding machine and its auxiliary equipment and the corresponding transporter, and arrange it to form a molding production line.
Only in this way can the mechanized production capacity be fully demonstrated, with the increasing development of new high-efficiency casting molding machine and the automatic control of electronic computers, as a result, the mechanization and automation of modeling production has entered a new stage of unprecedented development.

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