How to solve the failure of sand casting machine hydraulic system?

July 15, 2020

There are various failures in the hydraulic system of the automatic sand casting machine. For example, oil contamination may cause pressure, flow, or direction failures in the hydraulic system, making it difficult to diagnose hydraulic system failures.

There are various faults and solutions in the hydraulic system of the automatic sand casting machine

General principles of fault diagnosis
Most of the hydraulic system failures of the sand molding machine did not happen suddenly. There is always a warning before it appears. If you do not pay attention to this warning, it will fail to a certain extent when it develops. The cause of hydraulic system failure is multifaceted, not random.

In order to diagnose faults quickly and accurately, it is necessary to fully understand the characteristics and laws of hydraulic faults:

sand casting machine1. Check the working environment of the hydraulic system
The hydraulic system of the automatic sand casting machine needs to work normally, and it needs a certain working environment and working conditions as a platform. Therefore, at the beginning of the fault diagnosis, we must first determine and determine whether the working conditions of the hydraulic system and the surrounding environment are normal and promptly correct the unqualified working environment and conditions.

2. Determine the fault area
When judging the location of the fault, the related faults in this area should be determined according to the fault phenomenon and characteristics, the scope of the fault should be gradually narrowed, the cause of the fault should be analyzed, and the specific location of the fault should be found to simplify complex problems.

3. Establish a good operation record
Fault diagnosis is based on operating records and some system parameters. The establishment of system operation records is an important basis for preventing, discovering and handling failures. The establishment of an equipment operation failure analysis table helps to quickly determine the failure phenomenon.

4. Traditional fault diagnosis methods
The logic analysis method is a traditional method of hydraulic system fault diagnosis. This method is implemented through comprehensive analysis and state judgment,
That is, maintenance personnel understand the basic principles of the hydraulic system through “seeing”, “listening”, “touching”, “sniffing”, and simple tests, and judge the fault and the cause of the fault through work experience.
The specific method of this method is that when the hydraulic system fails, there are many possible causes of the failure. The method of logical algebra is usually used to list the possible causes of failure, and then logical judgments are made one by one according to the principle of easiness and difficulty.

In the process of fault diagnosis, engineering and technical personnel are required to have a wealth of knowledge of the hydraulic system and a strong ability to analyze and eliminate problems to ensure the validity and accuracy of the diagnosis.

Fault diagnosis method based on parameter measurement
The reason for the failure of the hydraulic system of the sand casting machine is the abnormal change of the working parameters of the system. Therefore, when the hydraulic system fails, it must be the failure of some components or some components in the system. That is, some parameters deviate from the specified values. Through parameter measurement and logic analysis, faults can be found quickly and accurately.

Parameter measurement can not only diagnose system faults but also predict possible faults. And this prediction and diagnosis are quantitative, greatly improving the speed and accuracy of diagnosis. This kind of detection is directly measured, with fast detection speed, small error and simple detection equipment, suitable for the detection of any hydraulic system.

There is no need to stop during the measurement and no more damage to the hydraulic system. Almost any part of the system can be detected. Not only can the fault be diagnosed, but also online monitoring can be performed to predict potential faults.

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