How to detect sand casting machine failure?

July 16, 2020

After the sand casting machine is put into production work, pay attention to the failure detection of the sand casting machine, otherwise, the machine will easily fail. The fault detection of the automatic sand molding machine is mainly carried out from five aspects, including the indenter part, the shocking part, the compaction part, the mold part and the operation of the molding machine.

Full automatic sand casting machine failure detection method

Maintenance and inspection of the indenter
sand casting machine1. Check the gap between the front and back plates of the sand casting machine head, and check whether there are foreign objects in the gap. If foreign objects are found, please clean up and test drive in time.
2. If the head of the sand casting machine swings slowly, open the air inlet pipe and check whether the air inlet of the nozzle is normal.
3. The head of the sand molding machine moves slowly. At this time, open the upper cover of the indenter and check whether the frame is rusted. Severe rust will cause the indenter to move slowly. At this time, rust can be removed.
4. Check whether the flanges on both sides of the indenter of the molding machine and the seals on both sides of the indenter frame are aged or deformed.
5. Check whether the butter on the flange gear bearing on the upper end of the molding machine has deteriorated.

Shock part of fault detection of the sand casting machine
There are several reasons for the sand casting machine to be weak or not.
1. The fault detection of the sand casting machine encountered air filter gas blockage, due to some water generated during the working process of the vacuum pump, For a long time, some foreign objects in the pipeline will block the filter element in the air filter, the pressure gauge at this time looks at the pressure is not small, but the airflow is not enough, causing the machine to shock weak.
2. Due to long-term vibration, the following molding machine failures will occur: the six M20 hexagonal screws connecting the vibration stabilization table and the shock piston are loose, there is a gap between the shaking table and the piston, and the working airflow leaks from here, resulting in weak shock, especially after compaction.
3. There is no lubrication between the piston and the pumping iron, corrosion occurs, and it can also cause weak shock, solve the failure of the foundry molding machine, you can open the rubber tube leading to the vibration table, inject a pound of kerosene or gasoline, then put it on, start the shock, and the sound of the shock will change significantly.

The process requirements of the fully automatic sand casting machine for compacting the sand mold:
From the casting process, the automatic sand casting machine has the following requirements for the compacted sand mold.
1. After the sand mold of the full-automatic foundry molding machine is compacted, it needs to have enough compaction countermeasures, so that the sand mold can withstand the movement during the transportation or turning process without being damaged; At the same time, the pressure and stress generated during the casting and solidification of the casting should also be considered. Due to the insufficient compaction of the sand mold, the mold wall may move, causing a deviation in the size of the casting.
2. The compacted sand mold of the automatic green sand molding machine should be easy to touch and have low resilience, and the molding accuracy can be maintained after the touch.
3. The sand shape of the automatic molding machine should have the necessary breathability to avoid defects such as porosity during pouring.

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