How to solve the problem of production quality of sand casting machine?

July 13, 2020

The production quality of sand casting machine not only determines the quality of the product but also determines whether the post-processing can be carried out smoothly. How to solve the problem of the production quality of sand casting machine has become one of the most concerning problems of casting manufacturers.

Automatic Sand Molding MachineThe most important factor affecting the production quality of the molding machine is the compactness of the sand mold. Therefore, it is necessary to make the compactness uniform during the process of the sand core being compacted.

The sand casting machine can make the molding board, sandbox and molding sand vibrate at high frequency and small amplitude while the molding sand is compacted.
When the sandbox is filled with loose molding sand, there are still many gaps between the sand particles. At this time, the template is directly vibrated to transfer energy to the sand particles. Make it find a new equilibrium position in continuous movement, so as to fill the gap and improve its compactness.
When additional vibration is continued during the compaction process, in addition to the above effects, the external frictional resistance between the sand particles and the inner wall of the sandbox can be reduced, further increasing the compaction effect. Therefore, the additional vibration can significantly improve the uneven compaction in real-time.

The sand casting machine can not only perform microseisms at the same time of compaction but also perform microseisms during the sanding process, which is called pre-compaction before compaction.
This can increase the amount of sand filled in the sandbox and improve the original compactness and uniformity of the sand mold;
The height of the pre-filled frame can be reduced and the stroke of the compacted piston can be reduced, which is especially beneficial for the modeling of high flasks or complex models.

Solutions to solve the problem of the production quality of sand casting machine

1) Strengthen quality management and control from several aspects such as molding sand, smelting, fully automatic horizontal molding, etc., and solve problems in a timely manner.
2) Strengthen quality inspection:
(A) A quality inspection should be strengthened in each process.
(B) Check the quality of castings carefully, and return any defective products to the furnace immediately.
(C) Be sure to submit qualified high-quality castings.
3) Castings found to be defective products after rough machining in the machinery factory should be pulled back to the factory and returned to the furnace. The reasons for the waste products should be analyzed and countermeasures should be taken to make new castings in time.

4) Requirements for poor appearance quality:
(A) Control the viscosity of the paint, do not use a large brush to quickly paint, it is better to change to spraying.
(B) Pay attention to the quality of surface sand and eliminate sticky sand.
6) For inaccurate size requirements:
(A) Check the model before modeling. If there is any problem with the model, modify it (for example, if the thickness of the casting is uneven, modify the model so that the wall thickness of the casting is uniform. Location flattened).
(B) When operating with the molding machine, it is necessary to control the shaking of the model when the mold is lifted.
(C) Check the mold before closing the box.
7) Strictly control the ratio of furnace materials, use good materials, clean materials and dry materials to ensure the temperature of the molten iron and prevent the molten iron from oxidizing and containing large amounts of gas. Pay attention to the repair welding process and the electrode when repairing the welding to eliminate the blowhole of the casting.
8) For the parts that are prone to shrink holes, the feeder should be improved, and pay attention to the riser after pouring.

The problems of the production quality of sand casting machine concerned by each foundry are similar. The above about the production quality of sand casting machines are shared by Delin Machinery. We hope it will be a few helpful to everyone.

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