What are the precautions for the operation of the sand molding machine?

July 9, 2020

Nowadays, an automatic molding machine is common casting machinery. The correct operation of the sand molding machine will ensure production efficiency and extend the service life of the sand molding machine.
In addition, when using the sand molding machine, we must pay attention to its operation points to ensure safe use in work.

Precautions for the operation of the sand molding machine

operation of the sand molding machine1. Observe the general safety regulations operation of the sand molding machine. If Interested and click this Blog Article>>>Sand molding machine safe operation regulations
2. Personnel who have not been trained in the operation of the sand molding machine shall not operate this equipment.
3. Before starting the automatic molding machine, check whether there are any guides in the moving parts and whether there are non-equipment operators approaching. Do not place tools and other debris on the device.
4. During the operation of the molding machine, it is not allowed to touch the moving parts and electrical components.
5. After repairing, inspecting and adjusting the solenoid valve, it may not return to its original state. Please pay attention to observe after energizing and ventilating, so as to avoid danger caused by unexpected actions.
6. When using the foundry molding machine, carefully observe the operation. During operation, the sand particles of the lubricating part and the running part should be blown away with air frequently. It is strictly prohibited to stick sand to each lubricating part.
7. After completing the modeling work, the workbench must be cleaned up before the second modeling work can begin.

Pay attention to the above aspects when operating the molding machine. Properly operate, the foundry molding machine will become your powerful tool.

At the same time, there are some things that need to be noted during the operation of the sand molding machine:

1. Check the cooling water system when the automatic horizontal molding machine is molded.
2. Check whether the water pipe, gas pipe, oil pipe and circuit joints are loose for a week.
3. Check anchor bolts and transmission fasteners in one week.
4. In January, assist electricians to blow dust from the electric cabinet.
5. It is closely combined with the pouring, and it is necessary to notify the sand mixing in time when the molding is not needed, so as to prevent the sand in the bucket from drying for a long time.
6. Press the emergency stop button in red when endangering human life or equipment damage.
7. When there is an abnormal pause in the operation of the sand molding machine, press the middle stop and then refer to the fault query.
8. If the automatic horizontal molding machine fails, you must notify the electric furnace and sand mixing.
9. Before leaving get off work, the cast box must be pushed out of the pouring area to prevent the sand from falling off during the next shift. Clean up the molding area and prepare enough sand core for the next shift. Fill in the handover shift record with the auxiliary materials such as mold release agent (kerosene) before leaving get off work.

The above is the sharing of the operation of the sand molding machine. In addition, Delin Machinery wants to share some advantages of using the molding machine:

1. Improve the quality of castings. The surface is smooth, the outline is clear, and the size is accurate. The mold hardness is high and uniform, and the draft is easy.
2. Simplify equipment, the operation of the sand molding machine is easy, save investment, and reduce operation and maintenance costs. Eliminate the need for mixtures, additives and sand mixing equipment in the relevant stations. The reuse rate of old sand is above 95%, the equipment investment is reduced by 30%, equipment power is 60% of the wet type, and the labor force is reduced by 35%.
3. The long service life of mold and sandbox.
4. High metal utilization rate. In the V method molding, the metal has good fluidity and strong filling ability, and it can cast 30mm thin-walled parts. The mold has high hardness and slow cooling and uses shrinkage to reduce the size of the riser. The production yield of the process is improved, and the processing margin is reduced.
5. Conducive to environmental protection. Due to the use of binder-free dry sand, the binder, additions or drying process of the sand mold in other casting processes are eliminated, and the environmental pollution is reduced, which is a green casting process.

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