What’s the sand molding machine safe operation regulations?

July 6, 2020

After purchasing the sand molding machine, use the automatic equipment correctly, strictly observing the sand molding machine safe operation regulations and maintenance system of the molding machine is a necessary condition for extending the service life of the sand molding machine and ensuring safe production. It is necessary to ensure safe production during use, especially when operated by multiple people. In addition to being familiar with the structure, performance and sand molding machine safe operation regulations of the machine, users of the machine should also master the following points:

Sand molding machine safe operation regulations

The safety department of each plant shall prepare safety operation regulations according to its own situation. To make the following comments on the safety operation regulations, please refer to the implementation:
a. Note: Those who have not studied and do not understand the structure, performance and operation rules of the machine shall not start the machine.
b. Danger: When operating with multiple people, do not start the machine when anyone’s hand is under the machine, otherwise it may cause personal injury.
c. Note: When the machine has serious oil leakage or abnormal phenomenon in the work, such as unreliable action. Failure, vibration, etc., should immediately stop and analyze the cause. And try to eliminate the fault, must not emphasize objective reasons, make the machine work with illness.
d. Warning: The machine must not be overhauled or adjusted during operation.
e. Warning: The electrical grounding conductor must be reliable.
f. Remember: cut off the power supply after the work.

Precautions for the sand molding machine safe operation regulations
1. Before starting the equipment, you should first check whether the lubricating device of the molding machine is complete, and refuel according to the regulations.
Check whether the tight parts are tight and there is no air leakage in the pipeline, and then open the main gas valve to release the accumulated gas and water in the pipeline;
2. When using the molding machine, the operator should be familiar with the mechanical parts, electrical parts, motion procedures,
Lubrication system, etc., and other requirements specified in the use of equipment;
3. When using the molding machine, carefully observe the operation. During operation, the sand particles of the lubricating part and the running part should be blown away frequently with air. It is strictly prohibited to stick sand to each lubricating part;
4. After using the molding machine, clean the equipment and clean the site. Keep the sliding (rotating) parts of the equipment clean and lubricated, and carefully inspect the tools and molds.

According to the sand molding machine safe operation regulations, specific maintenance items of daily machine
1. The lubricant must be injected into the oil nozzle of the sandbox movement mechanism of the machine every day;
2. Every day, you must often use an air gun to blow off the sand particles attached to the movement track axis of the machine;
3. Air nozzles must be used to blow the nozzles of the injection molding mechanism frequently every day to prevent sand particles from adhering to it and affecting the injection molding effect;
4. During cleaning, the encoder installed on the machine should be kept dry and free of moisture;
5. Before leaving get off work every day, the whole machine must be cleaned up.

sand molding machine safe operation regulationsThe sand molding machine is one kind of equipment used to make the sand casting. The main functions of the molding machine are: filling sand and compact molding sand, filling loose molding sand into the compacting sand in the sandbox.
The molding machine is widely used in industrial production. Understanding the sand molding machine safe operation regulations is a problem that every producer needs to pay attention to. We hope the above sharing will be helpful to you.

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