Do you know the sand molding machine working process?

July 2, 2020

Automatic foundry sand molding machine is one kind of foundry equipment used to make sand molds, the sand molding machine working process: automatic shooting the loose molding sand into the sandbox, automatic compaction, automatic mold lifting, automatic box closing, manual sand core placement, automatic mold pushing, etc. after casting, the sandbox is pushed to the sand mixer, which can be produced continuously.

Working principle: The automatic molding machine uses compressed air to uniformly inject the molding sand into the sandbox to pre-compact it, and then apply pressure to compact it.

Sand molding machine working process

sand molding MACHINE working process

1. Sand feeding: the sand is debugged through the sand mixing line, and the sand is sent to the incident sandbox through the conveyor belt, where the conveyor belt is controlled by our machine.
2. Crushing: When a certain amount of sand is reached in the sand-blasting box, the sand feeding is stopped. The cylinder of the middlebox sends the mold into the sandbox for boxing.
3. Shooting sand: After the sandbox closing operation is completed, shooting sand starts. The upper and lower sand shooting structure of the sand barrel simultaneously perform shooting sand, shooting molding sand into the sand frame, and the sand shooting process adopts time control; Remove residual gas after sandblasting is completed, the process adopts time control;
4. Compaction: After the sand shooting process is completed, the lower compaction plate is pressed into the sand frame to compact the molding sand
5. Pushing the mold: when the sand is compacted, the sandbox is opened and the middlebox cylinder pushes the mold
6. Sand core: After the mold is exited, the product that needs to be sand core is removed at this time, and the product without sand core is directly clamped.
7. Clamping: After the sand core is lowered, click the “Complete core lowering” operation button to close the mold. Products that do not require the sand core are directly clamped by the machine
8. Sand mold launch: The mold clamping is completed to launch the sand mold. At this time, the completed sand mold can be transferred to the casting site for casting.

The specific operation mode of the sand molding machine working process:

Take the operation of Delin automatic molding machine as an example, you can click the video link for watching the sand molding machine working process clearly: DL-3040 automatic sand molding machine

(1) Turn on the power switch.
(2) Set the function switch to “Manual”, and then click the “Manual operation” option on the touch screen to perform the corresponding action.
(3) Set the function switch to the position between “manual” and “automatic”, and then press the “start” button outside the electric control box, at this time the machine is in an automatic working state. And after working for one cycle, it will automatically stop working.
(4) Set the function switch to “Automatic” and press the “Start” button outside the electric control box. The machine will automatically cycle in accordance with the established procedures until it is stopped by the outside world.
To stop the automatic cycle, just press the “Stop” button on the outside of the electric control box or place the function switch between “Manual” and “Automatic”. The machine will automatically stop after completing a working cycle. If it is placed directly in the “manual” position, the machine will stop immediately. At this time, the user needs to perform a manual operation to run the action taken by the machine in place.

In fact, the sand molding machine working process is not complicated, and it is very simple when it is really applied to the machine. The automatic sand molding machine only needs to place the product mold on the molding machine, and the entire automatic assembly line will produce molding accessories.
This not only improves production efficiency but also saves costs. It is also an innovation that allows the majority of manual laborers to transform into technical workers, and it is also a liberation of the manual laborers.

Fully automatic sand casting machine, completely solved:

1. The labor intensity of workers is high;
2. Solve the high requirements of casting technology;
3. Improve product quality;
4. Problems such as cost reduction.

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