What is the sand molding machine structure?

July 1, 2020

The fully automatic sand molding machine structure of Delin Machinery adopts a horizontal parting structure, shuttle type sandbox, vertical air shooting sand, hydraulic drive. The whole structure is simple, easy to maintain, low power consumption, and can achieve continuous high-speed modeling.

The automatic horizontal parting sand molding machine structure and function

(1) Sandbox lifting structure
The four-column structure is used for the lifting of the sandbox to ensure the stability of the sandbox movement;
(2) Middle frame push template structure
(3) The sand molding machine structure plays the role of supporting and positioning the template and controls the advancing and retreating of the template in the work.
(3) Sand tube structure
The sand molding machine structure is mainly used for sand storage, and it is used for shooting sand during the molding process.
(4) Push type structure
The sand molding machine structure is used to push out the produced sand mold so that the machine can carry out the next molding process.
(5) Sandbox mechanism
This structure is used to mold and compact the molding sand and is an important structure of the machine.
(6) The lower sandbox structure
The sand molding machine structure is used to mold and compact the molding sand and is an important structure of the machine.

Automatic sand molding machine structural features

(1) The middle frame pushing template mechanism adopts the roller propulsion mode, and the operation is relatively stable, which greatly shortens the forward and backward time of the middle frame, thereby improving work efficiency;

(2) By filling the sealing ring with compressed air at the sealing ring of sanding and sand-blasting installation of the sand barrel, the sand barrel will not have the phenomenon of “running sand” during the sand-blasting process;

(3) The thickness of the model required for the production of different products is different. In order to avoid the mismatch between the thickness of the template and the assembly direction of the lower flask, the nozzle part of the front and back plates of the sand shooting port of the sand tube adopts an eccentric design;

(4) The upper sand frame adjusts the thickness of the sand mold using the high-precision positioning principle of the displacement sensor and uses asynchronous gear structure, use the motor to drive the synchronous gear to rotate so that the height of the upper compaction plate can be adjusted accurately and continuously;

(5) An induction grating is installed in front of the machine to avoid accidents caused by the user’s body parts being mistakenly inserted into the machine during the production process;

6) The two single-sided templates of the automatic molding machine are compacted at the same time, and the cavity can be adjusted quickly and steplessly;

7) The double track of the molding machine alternately launches the sand mold, which can work independently on any track. Sand conveying can be in the form of fixed or moving rails;

8) Man-machine dialogue interface, easy to understand operation flow. Electrical appliances, hydraulics and pneumatics use imported and domestic high-quality components to ensure the stable operation of the machine.

The electrical control system of the sand molding machine structure
1. Power supply:
(1) The power supply of this machine is 3-phase 380VAC+N (neutral);
(2) This machine is converted from switching power supply to DC24V direct current as an independent control power supply;
(3) AC LED explosion-proof lamp is used for lighting in the machine;
(4) There is an emergency stop button inside the machine. Press this button in an emergency.
2. This machine adopts PLC controller to control the movement process of the machine.

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