What is sand molding machine?

June 30, 2020

Sand molding machine definition: Foundry equipment used to manufacture sand molds.

Sand molding machine main functions are:
Sand filling. Fill loose sand into the sandbox;
Compact sand. Loose sand in the sandbox is compacted by different methods such as compaction, compaction, shock pressure, and shot pressure so that the sand mold has the necessary strength in the process of handling and pouring;
Mold. Use different mechanisms to remove the pattern from the compacted sand mold.

The sand molding machine first appeared in the mid-19th century. The early molding machine was a simple manual compaction mechanism with mold lifting and later compressed air was used as the power for compacting and compacting the molding sand. The shock sand molding machine appeared in 1890, which improved the molding efficiency and the accuracy of the sand mold. According to the different methods of compacting sand, the molding machine can be divided into compaction type, shock compaction type, shock pressure type, injection pressure type molding machine and sandblasting machine.

Sand molding machine classification and usage

Compaction sand molding machine
Use pneumatic or hydraulic pressure to compact the molding sand by applying pressure to the molding sand in the flask through the indenter or pattern. Its pressure is generally 0.25 ~ 0.4 MPa.
This molding machine makes the sand mold far away from the pressure surface tightness. In the early 1950s, a high-pressure molding machine appeared, and the pressure on the sand surface was above 0.7 MPa. The indenter of the high-pressure molding machine is divided into several structural forms such as flat indenter, forming indenter and multi-contact indenter. Among them, the high-pressure multi-contact molding machine is the most widely used.
The pressure head of the high-pressure multi-contact molding machine is divided into many small squares that can move up and down-contacts, and a large pressure force can be obtained through the hydraulic cylinder. At the time of compaction, each contact exerts the corresponding pressure according to the height of the pattern below it (that is, the thickness of the compressed sand layer), so that the sand mold obtains high, uniform compactness and hardness.
This type of molding machine is equipped with a micro-shock shock mechanism, which can adapt to the complex shape. The high-pressure multi-contact molding machine mostly adopts a four-column structure and has a single-station type and double-station type.
In order to adapt to the production of small and medium-sized batches of castings, this type of molding machine is often equipped with a template quick-change device. When the template is replaced, the molding machine does not need to be stopped. With high-pressure multi-contact molding, sand casting can cast thin-walled, accurate-sized, and smooth-surface castings.

Shock sand molding machine
This type of molding machine can be divided into two types of shock type and micro-shock type molding machine. The sandbox and the pattern are fixed on the working table of the molding machine, and the sand shape is compacted by the collision with the impact surface of the anvil and the inertia of the sand particles when the working table falls. The noise of this molding machine is serious, and the tightness of the upper part of the sand mold is very low, which has been replaced by a micro-shock compaction molding machine.

Shock pressure sand molding machine
By compacting the compacted sand mold again, a compact sand mold at the top and bottom can be obtained. Commonly used is a micro-seismic compaction molding machine (see picture), which uses the table drop to collide with the floating seismic iron, micro-seismic compaction sand, and then compaction. Microseismic vibration is a vibration with a high frequency (500 to 1000 times/min) and a small amplitude (5 to 25 mm) instead of the low frequency (60 to 120 times/min) and large amplitude vibration of the shock molding machine. The sand mold produced by this molding machine is of good quality and has low requirements for a foundation.

sand molding machineInjection sand molding machine
It uses compressed air to uniformly inject the molding sand into the sandbox to pre-compact it, and then apply pressure to compact it. Commonly used are vertical type boxless injection molding machine and horizontal type off-box injection molding machine.
The vertical parting boxless injection molding machine does not use a sandbox for molding. The molding sand is directly injected into the molding room with a template. The sand mold has high dimensional accuracy. Because the sandbox has cavities on both sides, the productivity is high, but the core is difficult. , Strict requirements for the quality of molding sand.
The horizontal parting off-box injection molding machine uses a sandbox for modeling. After the sand mold is made, the off-box is closed, the core is more convenient, and the productivity is high.

Sandblasting machine
Use the rotating blade to throw out the sand to compact the sand. The characteristic of the sandblasting machine is that sand filling and compaction are carried out at the same time. The machine has a simple structure, lightweight and strong adaptability. But the blades are easy to wear and the productivity is low.

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