Sand Molding Machine Repair Maintenance Systems

July 7, 2020

After the machine is put into use, the sand molding machine repair maintenance systems can effectively solve the two problems that enterprises are most concerned about. One is whether the machine production can be carried out smoothly every day, and the other is the service life of the machine.

Caring for the equipment through general methods such as wiping, cleaning, lubricating, and adjusting to maintain and protect the performance and technical condition of the equipment is called equipment maintenance. There are four main requirements for the sand molding machine repair maintenance systems:

1. Clean. The inside and outside of the equipment are clean and tidy. There is no oil stain on all sliding surfaces, screws, racks, gearboxes, oil holes, etc., no oil or gas leaks in all parts, and the chips, debris and dirt around the equipment should be cleaned;
2. Neat. Tools, accessories and workpieces (products) should be placed neatly, and pipes and lines should be organized;
3. Good lubrication. Add oil or change the oil on time, keep oiling, no dry friction, normal oil pressure, bright oil standard, smooth oil path, oil quality meets requirements, clean oil gun, oil cup, linoleum;
4. Security. Observe the safety operation regulations, use overload protection equipment, equipment and safety protection devices are complete and reliable, and eliminate unsafe factors in time.

The specific implementation measures of sand molding machine repair maintenance systems

The main moving parts of this machine are hydraulic drives, ensuring the normal and stable operation of the hydraulic system is the key to the normal operation of the machine.

  1. The key to the normal operation of the hydraulic system is to maintain the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil. The user of the cleanliness must pay great attention to it, and should take various measures to achieve and maintain the cleanliness of the oil.
  2. Before the system is assembled, the inside of the fuel tank and the pipes should be inspected and cleaned. Ensure cleanliness, no rust and pollution.
  3. The selection of hydraulic oil should be determined according to the ambient temperature. Select N64# anti-wear hydraulic oil as a working medium. The oil temperature should be controlled within 15℃~50℃.
  4. When filling the fuel tank at any time, it must be strictly filtered. The leaked oil is not allowed to be poured directly back to the tank. The liquid level in the oil tank must not be lower than the lower oil mark.
  5. After working for one week, all oil should be filtered once, and after three months, the second filtration should be carried out. After that, change the oil every six months. When the cleanliness does not meet the specified requirements, the filling tank, oil tank and pipeline must be thoroughly cleaned, and the oil should be filtered or replaced.
  6. When disassembling and assembling various components, it must be kept clean, and any debris is prohibited from entering the valve block and causing pollution.
  7. The oil pressure should be adjusted within the rated working pressure range of the oil system according to actual needs. The working pressure should be reduced as much as possible to extend the service life of hydraulic pumps and valves, and save energy and reduce system heating.
  8. If oil leakage is found, it should be stopped and checked, and the sealing ring should be replaced. After replacing the sealing ring, it should be used several times after the normal operation.
  9. Frequently check the pressure gauge and temperature gauge and find that the gauge value is inaccurate or damaged and should be replaced in time.
  10. After the new equipment and overhauled assembled equipment, check the tightening screws and nuts in detail after the following half a month. If they are loose, you should find the reason and fasten them in time.

Automatic Sand Molding MachineWith the development of society, machinery will gradually replace manpower. Our Delin machinery is a professional manufacturer of fully automatic horizontal molding machines. It has been leading in this industry.

It has obtained more than 10 invention patents and accumulated some production experience. The summary of sand molding machine repair maintenance systems is more suitable for some customers, it is suitable for some customers, they can better solve their problems, more effectively cater to the needs of most foundries, and help them solve their immediate problems.

At present, the sandbox specifications of the automatic horizontal molding machine that our company mainly makes are 350*450mm, 410*510mm, 500*600mm, 600*650mm, 600mm*700m, 1000*1000mm and other specifications, which can also be customized according to customer needs.

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