How to installation sand molding machine?

July 8, 2020

After the sand molding machine arrives, how to installation sand molding machine becomes one of the most important things before the factory is put into production.

Generally speaking, suppliers will provide customers with on-site installation and training services for technicians. Before the technicians come to the installation, we can first learn some information about the installation sand molding machine in order to better cooperate with the technicians in the future.

Here we take Delin Machinery’s DL-ZX3040 automatic molding machine as an example to specifically introduce the installation sand molding machine.


This sand moulding machine is packaged as a whole. When hoisting, the wire rope must be placed under the base, and it cannot be tilted or turned upside down during transportation. When it is really necessary to tilt, the tilt should not be greater than 15 degrees.

Installation sand molding machine

  1. The user should carefully check whether the random files are complete, and then check the number and model specifications of the spare parts according to the contents of the packing list.
  2. The weight of the DL-ZX3040 automatic molding machine is 5T. Pay attention to the center of gravity of the equipment when hoisting, and select the appropriate hoisting hole location for hoisting. At the same time, the steel wire rope and lifting equipment should be selected according to the gross weight and net weight indicated on the packing list. After trial lifting, the crane can be officially lifted after it is confirmed to be safe and reliable.
  3. The foundry molding machine is installed on the concrete foundation. The cement grade of the concrete foundation, steel bar reinforcement, reserved bolt holes, etc., are determined by the on-site designer.
  4. After the installation is firm, connect the external pipeline according to the location marked on the drawing.
  5. Water connection: To ensure stable oil pressure and controllable oil temperature, the oil pressure system uses water cooling. Customers need to prepare their own water cooling system. The water inlet equipment has been reserved. At the top of the left side of the machine, there are two six-point pagoda connectors, one for inlet water and one for outlet water.
  6. Connect power: This equipment adopts three-phase four-wire method, the customer needs to connect the power cord near the host, the incoming wire is three 10 square copper wires + one 6 square copper wire (for neutral line), reliable connection with 6 square lines reserved for equipment to avoid leakage.
  7. Ventilation: The customer needs to prepare 1 cubic gas tank (each molding machine is separately equipped with a gas tank),1 six-point pipeline from the gas tank to the equipment gas storage tank (there is a reserved air inlet connector on the top of the left side of the machine), six-point pipeline (our company has a compressed oil pipe); and connect a 1.5-inch pipeline to the sand-blast valve tee, 1.5-inch pipeline.

In addition, customers need to be reminded that a single sand molding machine needs to be equipped with 15-20 horsepower air compressors, and two need to be equipped with 30-40 horsepower air compressors. (If the customer still needs to compress the gas, the power of the air compressor is increased on the above basis).

Operation test run

after the installation sand molding machine, we need to make an operation test running.

1. Before using the sand molding machine, the operator must have a detailed understanding of the working principle, structure, performance and operation essentials of each part of the machine.
2. The operator must carefully study the safe operation rules and can operate after passing the assessment.
3. Clean up the anti-rust oil on all the processed surfaces, and then wipe it clean with a dry cloth.
4. Before starting the drive, you must check whether all the connections are firm, whether the electrical circuit screws are tight, whether the oil inlet and return pipes are leaking, and take necessary measures.
5. Check whether the electrical and hydraulic systems are normal. Carry out the no-load test, manual test first, and then linkage test. Observe repeatedly whether it is normal.
6. With a load test, a manual test is carried out first. After 5 to 6 manual tests are normal, conduct a linkage test. After the linkage is successfully completed 5 to 6 times, it can be put into normal use.

sand molding machineDelin Machinery specializes in the production of the sand casting molding machine. It is a machinery manufacturing enterprise integrating scientific research, design, manufacturing, installation, debugging and consulting services. We have a professional design and production team to produce a high-quality foundry molding machine, 1-year after-sales warranty, and whole life service. Field installation sand molding machine, commissioning and training; Field maintenance and repair service; Video technical support; Machine PDF data provided; Online support.

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