How to operate low pressure casting machine safely?

May 18, 2020

The application of low pressure casting machines is becoming more and more extensive. How to safely operate low pressure casting machines and ensure personal safety is becoming more and more important. What matters need to be paid attention to in the safe operation of low pressure casting machines, how to operate safely, and what are the operating specifications, this article will give you revealed.

Low pressure casting machine process flow
The process flow of the low-pressure casting machine mainly adopts a sealed furnace. The alloy liquid is filled into the furnace and injected with dry air. Then, the air pressure difference between the furnace and the cavity is used to flow the alloy liquid in the pot to the liter. The liquid pipe finally enters the cavity. When the alloy liquid completely flows into the cavity, the air pressure in the cavity is increased to ensure that the casting is solidified under this pressure, and then after the control system shows that the casting is completed, the rise The remaining liquid metal in the liquid pipe and the runner will return to the furnace as the pressure in the cavity decreases. After waiting for cooling, the casting mold is automatically opened to obtain a molded casting.

Precautions for low pressure casting machine

Around us, there are many products cast, there are various, different products have different characteristics and advantages, which has brought us great help. During the casting process, we must pay attention to safety, whether it is The machine itself is still our operator, and we must ensure the normal operation of the low-pressure casting machine through correct process measures, so as to reduce the occurrence of accidents and improve the quality of the castings.

1. Ensure the stability of the low-pressure casting machine. If you want to use the machine to be able to run safely, you must check it in advance. This is a job that cannot be ignored. The contents of the check include the stability of the low-pressure casting machine, the integrity of the parts, the normality of the working state, etc., in order to achieve The stable and reliable operation of the machine allows us to operate more smoothly.

2. Use the low pressure casting machine correctly. Each equipment design plan includes a set of related use procedures, and the low-pressure casting machine is no exception. When we use it, we must strictly operate according to the requirements, thereby reducing the chance of failure and improving its safety. This is a very critical thing.

3. Do the grounding treatment for the low-pressure casting machine. Grounding is a good safety precaution for low-pressure casting machines. It can effectively cause the risk of electric shock. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the grounding of the machine is good. If there is an abnormality, it should be corrected in time to avoid interfering with its effectiveness. In order to make full use of our products, we must understand the preparation work, and our subsequent product production will be more smooth and the quality will be more guaranteed.

  1. Machine operation
    ①During the operation of the low-pressure casting machine, due to improper operation, various moving parts may cause problems such as squeezing, collision and winding on the human body;
    ②The parts may have problems in the design at the beginning because of shape factors, such as sharp edges and corners, which may cause staff puncture or cut injuries, so pay attention to your own safety during operation;
    ③ When the parts are in operation, because of aging or loosening, there may be loosening, loosening and falling hazards, so the staff must pay attention to safety during operation;
    ④The equipment may be out of control or move by itself under the influence of gravity when the working time is too long;
  2. High-pressure fluid
    ① Note that the hydraulic pressure of the low-pressure casting machine and the maximum pressure of the pneumatic module cannot exceed the rated working pressure set in advance in the system;
    ② The accumulator must be inspected under the state of complete pressure relief before it can be disassembled or repaired;
  3. Do not touch electrical equipment while the machine is running. The staff should not directly touch the bare live parts or the components such as wire components, otherwise, there will be an electric shock, burns, falls, etc.

Safety protection requirements of low pressure casting machine

1. The main danger zone of the low-pressure casting machine belongs to the mold module, so corresponding measures should be taken to eliminate it;

2. The clamping module and ferrule module of the equipment are hydraulically driven, and the castings must be reliably locked after the clamping and ferrule. The various switches of the mold clamping only serve as a signal prompt. The pressure of the hydraulic system has to act on the casting until the casting is completely formed and solidified. The corresponding display device should be installed on the operating table;

3. In any case, the joint should be interlocked with the pouring, which can effectively avoid the pouring action when the joint is not in place;

4. The combination module of the equipment should accurately know the accuracy of the combination in place, and additional displacement sensors can be installed for prompting to effectively avoid the overflow or splash of raw materials from the parting surface during pouring;

5. The riser pipe, transition sleeve and gate part of the holding furnace should be sealed tightly, and the pouring can be allowed only after the holding furnace is in the correct working position;

6. The number of controllers of the equipment should be consistent with the number of staff specified on the switch;

7. The casting machine should ensure that all other control actions are in a chained state during the pouring or solidification of the raw material liquid;

8. From the overall design, it is necessary to ensure that the casting mold can be firmly installed on the moving and setting seat plate, so as not to cause danger to the operator due to accidental loosening.

Operating regulations of low pressure casting machine
1. Daily startup and production safety protection. Wear work clothes and safety shoes, gloves and safety glasses.

2. Check whether the equipment, electrical control cabinets of various systems, gas supply, gate valves, etc. are all normal, and whether practical tools such as crowbars, hammers, etc. are prepared in advance. Release the water stored in the compressed airbag.

3. Before pouring the pipe, the entrance of the furnace must be clean and tidy. Make sure the tightness is good to prevent fire and burn during casting.

4. When lowering the core, it is forbidden to lock the mold before the hand leaves, to prevent pinching. When a person is actually operating, be sure to concentrate and not be distracted. The cast castings should be stacked neatly and stably. The stacking aspect ratio should be moderate and pay attention to leaving a safe passage for pedestrians.

5. If the mold clamping is not tight and cannot be poured, immediately turn off the power and check the cause. When casting the mold, the low-pressure casting machine must not stand in front of it to prevent burns. In case of emergency safety accidents such as serious fire run-off, air should be released first, and the switching power supply should be disconnected. The metal materials and liquids discharged from the fire should be properly handled.

6. After completion, all gate valves should be turned off, the power supply of the machinery and equipment should be disconnected, and the garbage in the work should be removed.

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