How to maintain the low pressure casting machine to work longer?

May 20, 2020

In order to allow the low pressure casting machine to proceed smoothly in the production process and reduce the frequency of failures, how to maintain the low-pressure casting machine and extend the service life of the machine as much as possible is a problem that foundry manufacturers need to take seriously. If the machine is well maintained can effectively improve the production efficiency of the factory.

The maintenance of the low pressure casting machine focuses on the following aspects:

1. Add lubricating oil regularly
Before the low pressure casting machine is started, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out. Lubricating points should be filled with lubricating oil. After the machine is started, the cooling water should be passed to prevent the temperature of the hydraulic oil in the oil tank from being too high. Lubrication points should be added to each lubrication point on the machine at relative motion. Do a good job of lubricating the low-pressure casting machine, habitually add grease to the transmission system components of the low-pressure casting machine, maintain the normal rotation of the transmission system components, prevent serious damage, and endanger the normal operation of the low-pressure casting machine.

2. When the machine breaks down or sends out a signal alarm, the machine must be repaired. When the low-pressure casting machine is repaired, it should be shut down and the power supply should be cut off.

3. The electrical box should pay attention to moisture and heat to ensure the normal operation of electrical components.

4. All oil filters need to be cleaned frequently to ensure the filter element is clean.

5. After the machine has been used for 400 hours, the hydraulic oil should be drawn out and filtered. After every 3,000 hours of use, the oil should be filtered or replaced. The oil tank and filter must be carefully cleaned every time the oil is changed.

6. After every 1500 hours of use of the cooler, the scale must be cleaned to avoid affecting the heat dissipation effect.

7. Keep the low-pressure casting machine clean, immediately remove the dust on the surface and inside of the gravity casting laser tube cutting machine, show the good natural ventilation and natural environment for the low-pressure casting machine, and prevent the damage of spare parts caused by high temperature during long-term operation.

8. Regular maintenance of low-pressure casting machine parts such as embrittlement, more serious damage and other abnormal phenomena. If this situation is found during the entire maintenance process, effective measures should be taken immediately. If the damage is more serious, new ones of the same specification can be replaced Components.

9. During the entire operation of the low-pressure casting machine, if there is a strong vibration, noise or other abnormal phenomena, the actual operator should immediately notify the technical maintenance personnel to check and determine the location of the common failure and the cause. Only after clearing common faults can funds be invested in all normal applications.

10. In order to maintain the dissolution of the metal water in the furnace of the low-pressure casting machine, the slag deoxidization work in the furnace of the low-pressure casting machine should be done several times a week to eliminate the iron oxide in the furnace and ensure the normal operation.

In the application of low-pressure casting machines, the timely maintenance of low-pressure casting machines can ensure the reliability of low-pressure casting machines in the application, and at the same time, hidden safety hazards of low-pressure casting machines can be found during the entire maintenance process, so as to reasonably improve the use of low-pressure casting machines life!

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