Reasons for wrong modeling of automatic horizontal sand molding machine

July 27, 2020

There are 5 reasons for the wrong modeling of the horizontal sand molding machine. If there is such a modeling error from the manufacturer, you can refer to the following content shared by Delin Machinery.

Analysis of Wrong Modeling of Fully Automatic Horizontal Sand Molding Machine

Automatic Sand Molding Machine1. Dislocation of the mold plate: In the process of casting process design, due to the structure of the casting itself, the determination of the parting surface cannot be guaranteed. The first principle:
Put all or most of the castings in the same box as much as possible to reduce the wrong shape; thus, it is necessary to split the mold during the design, and there are both upper and lower boxes; even three-box or multiple-box shapes.
In the mold making process, if the production level is not high, or the mold assembly level is not high, it is easy to cause the template to be misaligned.
The pattern plates required by the automatic horizontal sand molding machine are all double-sided patterns. One and two sides of the pattern plate separate the upper and lower boxes of the model. In the design, the model is not really separated, but the upper and lower models are separated from the parting surface. On the template, the model will not be misaligned, so that the problem of template misalignment can be avoided.
However, this approach is easier to implement compared to smaller-sized models, but for larger-sized models, it is necessary to consider the optimization of the design by positioning pins when assembling the template and the mold.

2. Cone-shaped positioning pins are stuck with sand blocks: The automatic horizontal sand molding machine has a special design, which is the positioning of the cone-shaped positioning pins. This method is convenient to replace the template.
The template does not need to be fixed. To replace the template, you only need to lift the used template and replace it with a new template to enlarge it on the mold carrier. The template is replaced very quickly.
However, if the surface of this tapered positioning pin is not cleaned in time, it is easy to stick to sand. When modeling, the upper and lower boxes are not clean due to sand blowing, and there is floating sand on the pin surface of the positioning pins, and the upper and lower boxes are not tightly closed, Leaving a gap, the pattern is not parallel to the upper and lower flanks, causing misalignment.
Sand blocks are stuck on the mold plate, and the mold plate and the sandbox cannot be closed when the box is closed, and it is easy to cause misalignment.
In order to prevent sand sticking to the conical surface of the cone-shaped positioning pin, a sand blowing device is specially installed on the molding machine, and an air gun is used to blow away the floating sand after completing a cycle.

3. Pushing too fast, dislocation up and down: In general, the hydraulic power unit has stable performance, service life, and reduced power consumption.
However, in the actual production process, due to long-term use, the sealing ring of the oil cylinder is prone to aging, resulting in poor sealing, and sometimes problems are prone to occur due to poor cooling effect of the hydraulic pump station and excessive oil temperature.
In the molding process of a horizontal sand molding machine, after the box-closing molding is completed, the box-off cylinder drives the box-off plate to separate the sand tires from the auxiliary flask when the box-closing molding is completed.
At this time, the sand tire after the box molding is completed needs to be transferred from the molding station to the pouring station and transported to the pouring section.
If the speed of the box pushing cylinder is too fast, the pushing box plate will push the lower box sand tire and the upper box sand tire will sway and move.

4. The inner wall of the box is not cleaned, and there is sand sticking: the transport box is placed on the sand tire to be poured, and the residual sand on the inner wall of the box pushes the sand mold to move, and the inner wall of the box is in direct contact with the sand mold;
During pouring, because the water in the inner cavity of the sand mold migrates at high temperature, it will condense into water droplets on the outer surface of the sand mold when it encounters the box, and stick to the sand mass and be directly adsorbed on the inner wall of the box. Under normal circumstances, after removing the casted sand tire, it needs to be cleaned with a cleaner;
However, after long-term use of a horizontal sand molding machine, the aging of the brush of the cleaner will cause the cleaning to be unclean, resulting in sand clusters on the inner wall of the box. When the box is placed on the sand tire, these excess sand clusters will cause the sand tire to move, and the use of sand molds will be dislocated.

5. The mold is not flat and the upper box sand tire of the horizontal sand molding machine is inclined: the template is placed on the mold frame after the modeling is completed,
When the template is detached, the lifting point on the lifting frame is not on the same horizontal line, and the speed of lifting the mold is not the same to cause the lifting height to be inconsistent.
After the mold is pulled out and the lower score is combined with the box, the lower box sand tire is flat on the transfer trolley, and the upper sand tire is inclined; When the box is placed, the box will push the sand tire of the upper box to move.
In fact, this situation is the same as the sand sticks on the upper box. The final result is that the upper and lower boxes are misaligned.

In short, in actual production, some wrong boxes did not cause the castings to be scrapped, and they were trimmed by machining, or within a certain range of error values; but for precision production, the smaller the error values, the better. If you want to achieve this goal, you must constantly check the factors that cause the wrong shape during the production process. Don’t wait until the casting is produced to find the wrong shape. Therefore, you should control all aspects of the production process in the horizontal sand molding machine production.

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