How to solve the insufficient sand shooting of core shooting machine

June 16, 2020

After using the core shooting machine for a long time, there will be some minor faults. The most frequent problem is the insufficient sand shooting of core shooting machine. The sand core structure produced in this way is not tight enough, and the cast workpiece will also have deformation and sand holes. So today Delin Machinery will come to solve this problem for everyone.

Factors and maintenance methods of the insufficient sand shooting of core shooting machine

First, the pressure of the shot is not enough, or there is a leak between the body and the mold during the shot.

sand shooting of core shooting machineWhen encountering the shortage of sand shooting of core shooting machine, the first thing to consider is whether the air supply pressure of the equipment meets the standard. This is a very easy problem. Many users never pay attention to this during use. So when there is a shortage of core shooting, you can only call on the technical staff. In fact, it is because of this reason in many cases, so as long as a certain pressure is reached, it can be solved quickly.

Second, the mold structure design is unreasonable, the process is too complicated, and the gas conduction and exhaust are not smooth.

If it can’t be solved, you need to consider whether the design of the shot hole in the sand shooting of core shooting machine is unreasonable and whether the mold is too complicated. These are technical issues. If it is not a professional core shooter manufacturer, it is better to find a professional technician to repair it. Because according to the size of the mold, the reasonable arrangement of sand-blasting holes is also an effective method to effectively solve the lack of sand-shooting of the core shooting machine. It is also necessary to consider the complexity of the mold of the hot core box. The mold with higher complexity is difficult to blow in because of the coated sand, and it can also cause many problems such as local defects in the sand mold.

Third, if the temperature is too high, the molding sand will set before filling the cavity.

After the previous two problems are eliminated, the reason for the insufficient sand shooting of core shooting machine with a hot core box is probably caused by the high temperature. This problem needs to pass several tests at different temperatures. Generally speaking, the temperature is lowered to find the optimal temperature range, so that the core shooting machine can fill the cavity first and then coagulate and form.

In summary, the solution to the lack of sand shooting of core shooting machine is to adjust the mold to closely fit, and to avoid air leakage during the blow molding process. The place where the molding sand is not always blown may be suffocation, and the vent hole must be opened. Reduce the temperature to allow the loose sand to fill the cavity, and then set.

The sand shooting of core shooting machine’s not enough is mainly the above situations. If you also encounter this situation, you can use the method provided by Delin Machinery for maintenance.

Therefore, it is especially critical to choose a core shooting machine with excellent performance in the production process, which can not only ensure the smooth progress of the production work but also ensure that the quality of the produced products meets the needs of customers.

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