How to descale the hot core box of sand core shooting machine?

June 15, 2020

The formation mechanism of scale in the hot core box of the sand core shooting machine is mainly due to the impact of the sand jet airflow on the surface of the core sand during the sand shooting process, part of the resin is broken, and a small amount of resin is pressed and adhered to On the surface of the core box, a layer of hard and dense hardened resin scale is gradually formed on the surface of the core box. Therefore, the pressure of sand injection is too high, the quality of the resin is poor, the amount of resin added to the core sand is too high, the release agent does not match the resin used, and the rough surface of the core box will promote the scaling of the core box.

The scaling and cleaning of the sand core box in sand core shooting machine is a problem that many casting companies have not been able to effectively solve for many years. The scaling of the core box not only causes the surface of the casting mold to be rough but also seriously affects the appearance quality of the sand core, which leads to the sticky sand of the casting and the dimensional accuracy is reduced. This shows that good descaling can ensure the quality of sand cores and the cost of casting molds and improve production efficiency.

The descaling method of the hot core box of the sand core shooting machine is as follows

Delin Machinery specializes in the production of hot core box sand core shooting machines. There have been many years of research and testing on how to descale the sand core shooting machines. Two methods of descaling the hot core box are summarized. We summarize it as a liquid jet machine to descale the core box.

The following is a specific introduction about the liquid jet machine cleaning core box.

First, the spray cleaning process of sand core shooting machine
According to the different process requirements of the core box, there are two working methods to choose from:
① Without compressed air, the grinding fluid pump supplies the grinding fluid only and accelerates the injection to the cleaned casting mold through the nozzle. It is suitable for regular cleaning and maintenance of the core box.
② The grinding fluid system and compressed air system are started at the same time, and the grinding fluid and compressed air are supplied to the spray gun at the same time, so that they are mixed in the spray gun, and the airflow and the grinding fluid flow are sprayed to the surface of the casting mold through the nozzle at a high speed. Due to the working mode of both gas and pump, the jet airflow and grinding fluid flow has a greater pressure and the kinetic energy of the grinding fluid particle surrounded by the carrier liquid increases. It effectively improves the cleaning ability of the core box and is mainly suitable for cleaning the resin scale on the surface of the core box.

Secondly, the working principle of the descaling of the sand core shooting machine (how to jet and clean the hot core box)
Using the slurry pump and compressed air as the power, the slurry is sprayed onto the surface of the mold at a high speed through the spray gun to achieve the purpose of polishing the mold. The abrasive fluid is a mixture of carrier fluid with a protective effect on the mold and abrasives of a certain size (white corundum sand, glass pellets and other artificial abrasives), mixed according to a certain ratio, and placed in a storage tank in the lower part of the machine body. When working, the grinding fluid pump inputs the grinding fluid in the storage tank to the spray gun through the grinding fluid pipeline channel with a certain pressure and flow. At this time, some of the grinding fluid is ejected through the grinding fluid bypass channel through the stirring nozzle in the device at a high speed, so that the abrasive and the carrier liquid in the storage tank are stirred evenly; in addition, the compressed air is passed (overflow) by the external air source. The pressure valve and solenoid valve enter the spray gun. The spray gun is the main component that directly performs the liquid spraying work. It is connected to the pipeline system of grinding fluid and compressed air and is set in a closed working cabin at the upper part of the machine body. After the jetted grinding fluid impacts and grinds the surface of the casting mold, it flows down from the disc table and returns to the storage box through the mesh plate. This cycle completes the spray cleaning of the casting mold, effectively removing the scale of the core box of the sand core shooting machine.

Finally, the economic benefits of descaling of sand core shooting machine
The process of cleaning the core box using a liquid sandblasting machine and glass pellets can basically clean the thick resin deposits on the surface of the core box, but it is difficult to clean the thick grooves that have not been cleaned for a long time. Starting the air compression system at the same time has a good effect on long-term fouling, but the cost is relatively high. Therefore, different cleaning processes should be selected for different situations.

Well, the above is the solution for how to descale the sand core shooting machine shared by Delin Machinery. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you have any other casting equipment operation problems, please feel free to contact us at any time, we will be happy to help! If you want to know more information about casting equipment, welcome to pay attention to our website blog, we will share various casting problems from time to time, see you next time!



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