How to deal with sand leakage of core shooting machine?

June 8, 2020

Sand leakage in the core shooting machine is a common problem. There are different solutions for sand leakage at different locations. Briefly analyze several situations:

First, Working principle of core shooting machine

At the beginning of the work, the core box is placed on the worktable, and the table is raised to make the core box and the bottom plate pressed tight. When shooting sand, open the shooting pressure valve, the compressed air in the air storage tank enters the shooting sand barrel through the gap on the shooting sand barrel, then the core and forms a high-speed sand flow from the shooting hole into the core box, and the core sand is compacted, while the air is discharged into the atmosphere from the shooting head and the vent hole of the core box. It can be seen that sand shooting compaction is the completion of sand filling and sand tightening two processes at the same time, so the productivity is very high. It is not only used for core building but also began to be used for modeling.

The sand shooting process of the core shooting machine is roughly divided into three stages:

The first stage: pre-shooting
After the rapid air inlet valve is opened, the molding sand cannot be ejected at the initial stage of the pressure increase in the shot blasting cylinder. When the air pressure is increased to the extent, the molding sand can be ejected from the perforation.
The second stage: a free shot
The sand particles are pushed by the airflow and ejected from the perforation to fill the core box.
The third stage: compaction of compacted sand
After the core box is basically filled, the free sand shot stage is completed, but the movement of the core sand into the core box has not stopped. The core sand continues to fill the core box under the impetus of the pressure difference between the air pressure in the shot blasting head and the upper pressure of the core box. The sparse gas sand flow in the perforation turned out to be a dense flow that pushed the sand masses against each other. The molding sand pushed in after this part is called the sand compaction, which can continue to improve the compactness of the molding sand in the upper part of the core box.

The solution of sand leakage in the operation of the core shooting machine

1. If sand leakage occurs during sand shooting, and sand leakage occurs between the hot box and the shooter, then we try to put some sheet-like objects on the position of the shooter, such as paper pads and the like. is allowed. As long as there is no gap between the core box and the head, it is enough.
2. If the sand leakage occurs on the parting surface of the core box of the core shooting machine, then we need to consider two aspects, one is whether the air pressure has reached the standard, and the other is whether the core box has been worn. If it is worn, then the core box needs to be trimmed.
3. If after the sand shooting is finished, some sand will fall off during the shooting process. If the drop is small, the general situation is not a problem. This may be caused by some shocks when the cylinder is rising. But if there are more drops, then we have to check the cylinder, the ball valve of the shot tube and the shot head.

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