Factors affecting the life of core shooting machine mold

June 9, 2020

The core shooting machine mold is the key structure of the core shooting machine to produce sand core products. Whether the core shooting machine can produce good quality and high-quality products, the mold plays a very important step. So, here comes the problem:

What are the factors that affect the life of the core shooting machine mold, how to prevent it?

  1. Influence of mold structure
    The mold structure of the core shooter has a great influence on the stress state of the mold. The reasonable mold structure can make the mold work under uniform stress, not easy to be biased, and the stress concentration is small. There are many types of molds, the forms are very different, and the working environment is also different. The following discusses several aspects that have common characteristics.
    Fillet radius The fillet radius is divided into an outer (convex) fillet radius and an inner (concave) fillet radius. The radius of the working part not only affects the forming process and the quality of the formed parts but also affects the failure form and life of the mold.
  2. Mold structure
    ① The concave fillet radius of the core shooting machine’s overall mold and the mosaic mold’s overall mold is likely to cause stress concentration and thus cracking.
    ②The mold is a mold using a guide device, which can ensure the accuracy of the relative position of the related parts in the mold, increase the mold’s ability to resist bending and eccentric load, and avoid uneven wear of the mold.

With the rapid development of the global machinery industry, core shooters are widely used in foundries. The core size manufactured by the core shooters has a smooth surface. When the castings undertaken by the foundry require sand cores, such as brake discs, radiators, grooved pipe fittings, engine blocks, etc., core shooters are used. In addition, there are cylinder heads, water jacket cores, pistons, crankcase cores, water pumps, oil pumps, auto parts, agricultural vehicles, motorcycle parts, suspension rings, hardware plumbing core shooting machines, automobile air conditioning compressor cylinders, gearboxes Shell and precision casting.

Speaking of core shooter abrasive tools, let’s talk about the wear prevention measures of core shooter parts
The core shooting machine is a frequently used equipment, that is to say, the frequency of use is very high, so the wear will be very serious during use, and the service life of the core shooting machine will be affected in the long run. There are many ways for related companies to pay attention to and prevent wear of core shooting machines. Delin Machinery simply says a few points:

1. The wear-resistant parts on the core shooting machine can be protected in a key way, as long as a layer is simply added, the result will be different. In the event of wear and tear, the added sleeve will be worn over the parts themselves, so as long as the protective sleeve is replaced to ensure that the equipment is intact.
2. In addition, to reduce the occurrence of core shooter wear from the source, it is necessary to use new wear-resistant materials to make core shooter parts. For example, replacing the original steel material with an alloy material can avoid the occurrence of severe wear and tear and ensure the service life of the equipment.
3. At the same time of prevention, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the core shooting machine, and the maintenance of all aspects will prolong the life and value will be exerted.

Delin Machinery is a professional company engaged in the design and manufacture of coated sand core shooters and other casting equipment, non-ferrous gravity low-pressure casting, steel sand production lines and molds. It can provide users with professional services such as equipment selection, new product development, process trial production, and process layout in the core making workshop.
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