Application of core shooter in casting

June 4, 2020

The application of core shooter machine in casting production, the first is the best alternative tool for manual core shooting, also it is a major advancement in foundry production automation.

The working principle of the core shooter machine:
When the compressed air enters the sand reservoir, the core sand is injected into the hot core box from the sand injection hole at a high speed, and the compressed air entering the hot core box is discharged through the exhaust hole on the mud core box because the sand filling and compaction are simultaneous. The production efficiency is high, and the sand-blasting process can be completed within one second.

The core sand mixture using liquid or solid thermosetting resin as the binder is injected into the heated core box, and the sand core quickly hardens to a thickness (approximately 5-10 mm) in the hot core box.
The finished sand core with a smooth surface and accurate size is obtained.

The coated sand forming and casting process involves the casting of metal parts, including the steps of mold making, sand preparation, core making, core-forming, mold clamping, and pouring.
The manufactured model is a metal model. The raw material used in the preparation of the molding sand is coated sand. The core making and core-forming are performed using a core shooter. When the mold is closed, the cores are stacked vertically to form a stacked casting system.
The forming strength is high, the fluidity is good, the sand core with complex shape can be manufactured, the surface quality of the sand core is good, its collapsibility is good, and the casting is easy to clean.
The core shooter is used for core making and core forming, which has high production efficiency, easy mold release, and high dimensional accuracy of the sand mold.
The stacked casting system is composed of core superposition, which has large bearing pressure during filling, strong filling force, high output and high yield. While ensuring quality, the production cost has also decreased, and it can undertake mass production of high-precision small castings.

Using the film-coated sand hot core box core shooter to shape or core, the production investment is less and the benefit is good.
From the point of view of equipment investment, it is mainly possible to purchase a core shooter for film-coated sand, which can be done by general manufacturers.
From the point of view of staffing and man-hour consumption, due to the core shooting machine, the production efficiency is high, the surface quality of the casting cavity is high, the castings are easy to clean, the sand core or the sand mold with the coated sand has high strength and good collapsibility, Can cast castings with complex shapes.
The surface of the casting is much higher than the sand casting, the dimensional accuracy is high, the surface is easy to clean, and the cleaning working conditions are improved.

The core shooting machine is widely used in the laminated casting of the coated sand process. The coated sand cavity shot by the core shooting machine has a precise size, smooth appearance, and good mold sand collapse. The shot cavity can be stacked together in multiple boxes and poured together. Not only the work efficiency is greatly increased, but also the yield of the workpiece will be significantly improved. Widely used in the casting process of mechanical parts.

The core shooter machine has the following characteristics in practical application:
1. If the gas generating system is selected, this machine can meet the requirements of hot core box making.
2. High production efficiency: the working process of the hot core box core shooting machine is completed at the same time of sand filling and compaction, and it is immediately hardened in the hot core box, and a cycle period can be produced in only ten seconds to tens of seconds Sand core for casting.
3. Reducing labor intensity, flexible and portable operation, easy to master, using electric heating, the temperature can be automatically controlled, the workplace is easy to keep clean, creating conditions for the mechanization and automation of the core making process.
4. The quality of the sand core is good: the sand core of any complexity can be shot, and the size and surface are smooth, which can reduce the machining allowance of the casting.
5. It can save a lot of auxiliary equipment and tools for core making, such as core drying furnace, dryer, core bone, wax line, etc.

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