Why sand casting equipment appears to leak?

August 20, 2020

There are six reasons why the sand casting equipment appears to leak.

Automatic Box Discharging Molding Machine

Solutions to the cause of air leakage in the fully automatic sand casting equipment:

1. The automatic sand casting equipment pipeline is damaged, especially in winter, the molding machine air pipe is easy to break, causing the molding machine pipeline to leak.

2. Purchased low-quality air valves instead of using good pneumatic components.

3. The cylinder of the sand molding machine is not qualified or the fitter in the workshop is not finely ground.

4. The air pipe clip of the foundry casting machine is not installed properly, causing air leakage in the air pipe.

5. The air pressure of the air compressor is too small, and the airflow returns.

6. The air path of the air compressor is filled with water, blocking the muffler and causing air leakage, etc.

The sand casting equipment uses air pressure or hydraulic pressure to press the molding sand in the sandbox through the indenter or pattern to compact the molding sand. The pressure is generally 0.25 to 0.4 MPa.

This kind of sand casting equipment makes the sand mold far away from the pressure surface poorly compact. In the early 1950s, a high-pressure sand molding machine appeared, and the pressure on the sand mold plane was above 0.7 MPa.

The indenter of the high-pressure casting molding machine is divided into several structural forms such as flat indenter, forming indenter and multi-contact indenter. Among them, high-pressure multi-contact molding machines are widely used.

The pressure head of the high-pressure multi-contact sand casting equipment is divided into many small blocks that can move up and down ─ ─ contacts, which can obtain a large pressure through hydraulic cylinders. At the time of compaction, each contact applies corresponding pressure according to the height of the pattern below (that is, the thickness of the sand layer under pressure), so that the sand mold can obtain a high and uniform pressure.

Disadvantages of sand casting equipment cylinder:

1. The cylinder of the sand molding machine is too large to move. All are composed of a tall body and 4 heavy cylinders. Adopting cantilever upward pressure: the column is raised, 4 cylinders are installed inside the body, and the body is large.

2. The weight of the cylinder of the casting molding machine is heavy, causing the general weight of the molding machine to be more than two tons. Large air consumption and loud noise.

3. Inconvenient operation: The three-step operation of four cylinders often leads to misoperation and disorderly procedures, resulting in damage to the mold box and hidden dangers.

4. The unevenness of the sandbox causes damage to the sand mold. Since the top box rod and the bottom surface of the sandbox are at a certain distance, when it is raised, it will collide with the sandbox, which is also a waste.

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