How do you choose a automatic sand molding machine?

August 17, 2020

With the rapid development of science and technology, there are many models of automatic sand molding machines. What aspects should be paid attention to when choosing a good automatic sand molding machine?

The selection of the automatic sand molding machine’s modeling method determines the model of the automatic sand molding machine.

sand molding machineThe selection of the modeling method should be comprehensively considered based on many factors, mainly:

(1) Casting accuracy: When castings with high dimensional accuracy and high surface roughness requirements occur, the molding method with high sand compactness should be selected.

(2) Casting material: different casting materials have different requirements for sand mold stiffness. Generally, cast steel and cast iron require higher requirements than non-ferrous alloys, and ductile iron is higher than gray iron and malleable cast iron. For materials that require high sand mold stiffness, a molding method with high sand mold compactness should be selected.

(3) Mold structure: For example, when the casting has narrow grooves, high hanging sand, dense vent holes, etc., a molding method with high mold-drawing accuracy and uniform sand mold compactness should be selected.

(4) Casting output, batch size and variety: Castings with large output, large batches and single varieties should use high-efficiency or special molding equipment; small-batch and multi-variety castings should use molding equipment with flexible technology and convenient production organization. Single-piece production is suitable for manual molding.

(5) Casting shape, size and weight: When conditions permit, castings with similar shapes, small differences in size and weight should use the same molding machine. This is especially true when the sandbox needs to be equipped with box belts to facilitate the unification of the sandbox.

(6) Requirements for molding sand: When multiple sets of automatic sand molding machines are arranged on the same production line, the requirements for unified molding sand should be considered as much as possible to choose automatic sand molding machines.

(7) Configuration equipment of the modeling workshop: This is particularly important when the old workshop is renovated. It must be combined with the original workshop conditions, the production capacity of other supporting equipment (such as furnaces, sand treatment, etc.), technological level, transportation conditions, technological processes, etc. Analyze from the viewpoint of system engineering to determine which molding machine is most suitable to maximize the benefits of investment.

(8) Tooling conditions: The dimensional accuracy and surface roughness level of the pattern should match the selected automatic sand molding machine.

(9) Priority is given to automatic sand molding machine equipment that is less, pollution-free (low noise, no harmful gases), and can meet environmental protection, industrial hygiene and labor safety.

(10) A high-efficiency automatic sand molding machine should be matched with the sand molding production line and not used alone.

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