Two Stations Six Spindles CNC Polishing Machine

This Automatic 2 Stations CNC Polishing Machine Is Mainly For Polishing Brass Alloy And Zinc Alloy Metal Products, Especially On Faucets, Valve Bodies, Sanitary Fittings, And Accessories.


Product Description

  1. This device is two stations six spindles CNC polishing machine, it has six degrees of freedom, operation in 2  positions synchronously, flexible and high effective, widely used in the polishing of the product like sanitary ware, door hardware, auto parts, etc.
  2. The control systems apply advanced motion control technology, stable performance, high control precision.
  3. Program mode: It is teaching programming which use the manual mode to simulate artificial polishing and record path, the machine can work along this path automatically.
  4. Polishing cloth wheel automatic compensation function: the system can detect torsion decreases when the cloth wheel loses, this can realize the automatic compensation of each direction.
  5. Linear velocity compensation: when wheel diameter reduces the system will increase the wheel speed to compensate for the linear velocity.
  6. Spray wax setting: the time and frequency of spray wax can be set free according to the product characteristics.
  7. All-digital control, the program can be saved and called at any time.
  8. Parameter and function are set on Chinese/English display touch panel, with easy operation, with fault code display function, which is handy for maintenance.


How’s the Machine Look Like?


Finished Samples


Technical Parameter

Type Four-Six-Axis Two-Six-Axis
Performance Dimension 5300*3400*3400(mm) 2800*3655*2800(mm)
Machine Voltage 32KW 24KW
Rated Power 380V
Max. Polishing Wheel Dimension 600mm
Min. Polishing Wheel Dimension 400mm
X-Axis Travel 900mm
Y-Axis Travel 825mm
Z-Axis Travel 700mm
U Axis Travel ±90°
V Axis Travel ±360°(positive inversion)
W Axis Travel  ±360°(positive inversion)

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