Four Units Six Axis CNC Polishing Machine

Surface Polishing System Buffing Wheel CNC Polishing Machine Is Widely Used For Polishing, Grinding, Satin Finishing And Deburring Of Different Parts From The Sectors Of Hardware, Metal Parts, Automotive, etc.


Product Description

1. This device is a six-axis four-unit CNC polishing machine, it has six degrees of freedom, four units work at the same time, flexible and efficient, widely used in the bathroom, gated, auto products, etc. surface polishing. Also, we have six-axis two-unit CNC polishing machine or according to the customer’s requirement. We support customized.

2. It is an all-purpose automatic polishing machine, which is suitable for processing complicated shapes of workpieces. Stable CNC polishing pressure setting and cloth arm worn-out compensation are suitable for processing different kinds of products like a faucet, door handle, foundry parts, sanitaryware fittings, and others please contact us!

3. This automatic polishing machine can be expanding from two to six polishing wheels, for example, four workpieces can finish the four same processes simultaneously, which is a kind of high output machine type.

4. Easy to learn CNC teach in the interface, 6 spindles servo connecting mechanism with two-six polishing wheels and two-six workpieces enabling rough and fine polishing to be done at the same time, or finish the same processes simultaneously.


How’s the CNC polishing machine surface polish? here is the sample show:


Machine Display


Technical Parameter

Type Four-Six-Axis Two-Six-Axis
Performance Dimension 5300*3400*3400(mm) 2800*3655*2800(mm)
Machine Voltage 32KW 24KW
Rated Power 380V
Max. Polishing Wheel Dimension 600mm
Min. Polishing Wheel Dimension 400mm
X-Axis Travel 900mm
Y-Axis Travel 825mm
Z-Axis Travel 700mm
U-Axis Travel ±90°
V-Axis Travel ±360°(positive inversion)
W-Axis Travel  ±360°(positive inversion)

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