Brass Faucet CNC Polishing Machine

CNC Polishing Machine for faucet body and accessories, locks and door handle polishing


Product Description

Product name  Brass Faucet CNC Polishing Machine With Four Unit Six Spindles Equipped With Protective Cover (Optional)

Product CategorySurface treatment

Machine Application: It is widely used in sanitary ware, hardware, auto parts, and other fields.

Polishing Products: The faucet body and accessories are polishing, locks and door handle polishing.

Processing Materials:  Stainless Steel, Copper alloy, Aluminum alloy, Iron, Zinc alloy

CNC Polishing Machine Features

1. The equipment can simultaneously complete the polishing of four workpieces at one time with uniform quality.

2. Fully automatic step-by-step waxing system

3. The replacement of fixtures and consumables can be quickly completed;

4. Polishing wheel automatic compensation function;

5. Simple teaching programming.

Robotic Polishing Application Samples

polishing machine samples

robot grinding and polishing machine products






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