Robotic Grinding and Polishing Machine

The Robotic Automatic Surface Grinding Polishing Control System Is Used For Bathroom Accessory, Auto Parts, Motor Spare Parts, Building Metal, Etc. Which Need The Fully Automatic Polishing Machine. This System Is One Of Electromechanical Integration Fully Automatic Machine Which Have Artificial Intelligent Operation,Fully Automatic Control,Renewable Programming,And Can Do Any Action In 3D Space.


Product Description

This is a kind of combine the metal polishing machine with the robot into a single robot grinding system or a complete robot grinding device. The robot grinding and polishing machines are born to replace the heavy-labor workmanship and improve quality stability, reduce production cost and for high yield benefits.

Robot body: Full automatic control, repeated edition available, can complete all polishing work in the three-dimensional space, appointed brand by customer allowed.

Abrasive band grinding machine: Multiple grinding contact wheel, the robot can control the rotate speed of the abrasive band, automatically adjusts the abrasive band tension, and automatically chooses the current contact wheel during the grinding operation(Customer can collocate the quantity of the abrasive band grinding machines as per the product).

Double station automatic feeding machine: Double station feeding, alternate operation, same products can be put at the 2 stations in the meantime, or different products, the robot can automatically recognize and work as per the different procedures. Clamping Positioner: Adopts pneumatic drive, with the function of pneumatic and cable rotation, is the first innovated position testing function, to avoid the wrong operation of the machine by the incorrect position, damaging the machine or PU wheel Complete control system: Automatic line speed compensation, abrasive band rectification, automatic compensation of the grinding pressure, long-range fault diagnoses and mending.




1.Robot body; 2.robot control cabinet; 3.Robot teaching device

Four Station Abrasive Belt Machine

The sand belt is chosen according to sample

Double Station Feeding Table

1.Stents; 2.Cylinder; 3.Positioning system


With rotation and 90 degrees flipping

electric control system

PLC, touch screen

What products can the polishing machine be polished?

1. faucets and sanitary fittings; 2. locks and doorknobs, plates and door handle; 3. kitchenware and flatware, tableware, stainless steel sinks, dishes, knives, and cutlery; 4. foundry castings parts; 5. aluminum profiles; 6. automotive industry for wheels; 7. metal furniture parts; 8. valves and tools; 9. medical implants; 10.musical instruments… more applications availability are welcomed to contact us.


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