Integrated Large Workpieces Robot Polishing Machine

Robot Automatic Surface Polishing Unit and Automatic Control System


Product Description

Robot Polishing Machine Integrated Large Workpiece Grinding Workstation
  1. Kingstone takes (Sweden) ABB robot company, Germany KUKA (Kuka) company, and Japan FANUC (Fanuc) company as strategic partners.
  2. Robotic automatic surface polishing units and automatic control systems are mainly used for products that require surface polishing in industries such as bathroom faucets, automobiles, motorcycle parts, and architectural hardware.
  3. The automatic polishing system is a mechatronic automatic production equipment with artificial intelligence operation, automatic control, repeatable programming, and the ability to complete various operations in three-dimensional space.
  4. It is especially suitable for the flexible production of multiple varieties and large quantities in harsh environments and plays a very important role in stabilizing, improving product quality, improving production efficiency, improving working conditions, and rapid product replacement.
  5. Fully automatic robot flexible processing system grinding and polishing solution, realized the automation of complex shape workpiece grinding and polishing.


Robotic Polishing Application Samples


Robotic Polishing Machine Working Video






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