Double Head Core Shooting Machine

Automatic Core Shooting Machine is a heated core box foundry core-making equipment with a four-column operable structure which can be operated manually or automatically.


Product Description

  1. This core shooting machine through both sides simultaneously shot molding sand, and a mold used is symmetric, that is means, out of the finished products sand core is two or four or eight identical, so that we called it double head core shooting machine. This double head core shooting machine has three models, DL-400-B, DL-600-B, DL-800, they have the same function, only the parameters are different.
  2. It is applicable to the sand core with qualitative properties less than 3.2kg or 5kg or 15kg. Its working principle is to shoot the dry resin bonded sand into a heated core-box. After being rapidly hardened to a certain thickness, high-quality sand core with a smooth surface and precise dimension are obtained.

Compared to common core shooter, advantages of the  double head core shooter are as followed 

  1. High productivity: during the working process of heated core box shooter, sand-filling and compaction are completed simultaneously while the sand core will be immediately hardened in the heated core box. A cycle period only lasts for ten-odd seconds to tens of seconds during which the sand core for cast use is produced. (Note: many sand cores can be produced at the same time)
  2. High quality of sand core: the sand core of any complicated level can be shot and with a precise dimension and smooth surface, hence, the casting process redundancy is reduced.
  3. Many assisting equipment and tools used for core-making become unnecessary, such as core drier, core carrier, core rod and strum, etc.
  4. Labor intensity is reduced with flexible and easy operation; the temperature can be controlled automatically with electrical heating; favorable conditions are created for mechanization and automation during the core-making process since it is easy to keep the working site clean.
  5. This machine is especially applicable to dried sand shooting.


Finished Products


Machine Showing


Main Specifications and Technical Parameters

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Content DL-400 DL-600-B DL-800
Performance Dimension(L*W*H) 1420*680*1700mm 1850*800*2100mm 2400*1240*3062mm
Net Weight of Machine 513kg 855kg 3000kg
Heating Power 8kw 15kw 37kw
Max. Weight of Sand Cores 3.2kg*2 5kg*2 15kg*2
Max. Size of Core Box(L*W*H) 380*280*200mm 500*500*250mm 800*800*500mm
The Longest Itinerary Clamping When Vertical Clamping ≤300mm ≤300mm ≤250mm
Itinerary of Plunger Under Pressure 175MM 700mm
Remark It’s can be according to the customer’s requirement to add core puling at the frontal and back.

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