CNC Compound Machine Tool

The Special Processing Machine is 11 Axis Drum Wheel CNC Milling Drilling Tapping Machine or CNC Compound Machine, This Multi-Spindle Processing Machine Widely Used In Machining Kinds Of Valve bodies.


Product Description

  • This machine has good applicability, which is equipped 8 station CNC turret, spindle quantity could be based on customers’ requirements, max.18 spindles, with wide application.
  • The electrical system uses PLC programmable controller with a touch-screen operation menu, the parameter can be input according to processing requirements, easy operation.
  • Servo control is used for spindle feeding and divided circle, easy regulation for speed and good retainability for precision.
  • The spindle could feed to three directions efficiently for the processing of turning, milling, boring, drilling, tapping, etc.
  • Compact structure and small floor space.
  • The robotic arm could be matched for automatic processing.


Application Fields

This is the ideal CNC compound machine tool used for complicated and multi-process machining to these three applications, such as valve bodies (brake valve, angle valve, gas valve, etc.), two-way or three-way air conditioner pipe fittings and auto parts. This is the real lean production, the rough part is machined completely on one machine tool without WIP, semi-finished products. This compound machine has a good-looking appearance, high-cost performance, and is used widely.


Detailed Images


Technical Parameters

Parameters Unit Parameters
HSK0330/9 HSK0330/11 HSK0350/11 HSK0350/15
CNC system Delta
Max. drilling Dia. mm 30 50
Max. tapping Dia. mm 30 50
Spindle sleeve Dia. mm 100 125
Sleeve Stroke mm 170 180
Spindle tapper NT30 BT40
Rotary stations n 8
Units of drilling spindle n 6 6 6 7
Units of tapping spindle n 3 3 3 3
Units of turning spindle n 2 2 2 2
Units of the milling spindle n / / / 3
Z-axis rotating speed rpm 1430/2850 960/1440
A-axis rotating speed rpm 960/1440 730/950
Drilling motor model YD100L2-2/2-B5 YD132S-6/4-B5
Tapping motor model YD100L2-6/4-B5 YD132S-8/6-B5
Turning the motor model YD100L2-4/2-B5 YD132S-6/4-B5
Milling motor model / YD132S-6/4-B5
Z-axis servo rated torque Nm 10 15
X-axis servo rated torque Nm / 3
Y-axis servo rated torque Nm / / / 15
A-axis servo rated torque Nm / / / 200
Y/A axis sliding table stroke mm / / / 200
Z/Y/A axis fast feeding mm/min 9000
X-axis fast feeding mm/min 3000
Total power KW 44 55 72 108
Boundary Dimensions (L*W*H) mm 3200*3600*2600 4200*4500*3200
Net weight KG 8000 8500 12000 13000

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